What to see in quarantine: the five most popular Comedy series

Что посмотреть на карантине: пятерка самых популярных комедийных сериалов

The governments of various countries, including Ukraine, began to talk about a quarantine in pandemic COVID-19 is unlikely to be canceled in two weeks. Cocked hat coronavirus failed. We all need to be prepared psychologically for the fact that we sit in isolation is still a long time. Therefore, the “FACTS” keep their word and continue to acquaint its readers with the most popular in the world of serials and movies thanks to the Internet you can see the house and to entertain themselves and their families.

They say that humor helps to cope with the most difficult situations. So today your attention is invited to the five most popular to date in the Comedy series according to IMDB. Recall the “FACTS” in these surveys adhere to an important rule — no spoilers!

First place in the ranking of the new series “I don’t like it” (I Am Not Okay with This). It was filmed by the American streaming company Netflix became available to its subscribers worldwide on February 26. While it is possible to watch the first season consisting of seven episodes lasting from 20 to 28 minutes. In other words, the job is done in one day without much effort.

The heroine of the series — a typical “boring white girl”. She played the star of a horror movie “It” Sophia Lillis. She is 17 years old. The girl worried about normal for that age problems — relationships with classmates, awakened sexuality, conflict with adults. Only to all this was added another mysterious story of her father, former military…

Interestingly, a partner of Sophia in the series is a young actor Wyatt Oleff, who also starred in “It”. So they perfectly know each other, which certainly helps during the filming.

On the website Rotten Tomatoes (the main aggregator of reviews on movies and TV shows) “I don’t like it” received an approval rating of 85%. Notes a great game Lillis.

Second place confidently takes the already iconic sitcom “the Office” (The Office). Apparently, departed in quarantine around the world office workers are so bored at work that first began to watch this series! It took American TV channel NBC. The premiere took place in March 2005. So “the Office” we have in some ways the hero of the day. All was filmed nine seasons. 201 series lasting from 22 to 40 minutes. The authors of the series with subtle irony shows the relationships between colleagues in the office. These people are not interested in. They go there to chat with each other, to intrigue, to adjust the plan, to go into complete isolation for the corporate events.

The series starred several Hollywood stars. For example, one of the main roles were played by Steve Carell (“Evan Almighty”, “date night”). His partners were John Krasinski (“the Quiet place”), rain Wilson (“Juno”), James Spader (TV’s “Black list”), melora Hardin (TV’s “monk”).

It remains to add that the sitcom is based on the eponymous British TV series, which one of the authors is a cult comedian Ricky Gervais. For American viewers of “the Office” was adapted by none other than Greg Daniels, one of the creators of “the Simpsons”.

Third place in the list is another sitcom — “Brooklyn 9-9” (Brooklyn 9-9). This is a very good banter popular in the USA and many other countries police series. All the main characters are detectives.

Premiere of the first season took place in September 2013 on Fox. The success was huge. As a result, at the moment, we have seven seasons, and that 132 of the series. And claimed the eighth.

The main roles are played Andy Samberg (“Papa dosvidos”), Stephanie Beatriz (TV series “American family”), Terry crews (“the Expendables”, “Deadpool 2”), Melissa Fumero (“the Mentalist”).

In fourth place is another series, filmed Netflix. This “Sex education” (Sex Education). Available two seasons at eight episodes each. The company has already announced that extended the project for a third season.

“Sex education”, though produced by the American company, is a British production. The shooting took place in the UK. Most of the actors — subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The exception, perhaps, is Gillian Anderson, star of TV series “Secret materials”. The show’s main characters — the students of the small English schools, their parents and teachers. Of course, teenagers care about sex. The mother of one of the students is a famous expert on sexology. Her son, after listening to the advice that his mother gives to his patients, and having read books on this delicate subject, beginning to advise other students…

Premiere of the first season took place in January of 2019. After 12 months came the second season. After a week it had been viewed more than 40 million viewers, says Netflix. Teenagers played by young British actors ACE Butterfield, Emma McKee, Joke Avenue.

The top five series “we are” (This Is Us). NBC has removed until four seasons (only 68 episodes). The premiere took place in September 2016. It is sometimes funny, sometimes a little sad story of one American family. The main character gave birth to triplets, but one of the children died immediately. The woman and her husband decide that they must still be “the big three”, and adopt a boy who was born in one day with their children, but was abandoned.

The series tells about the relationship between the members of this family. The main roles are played by Milo Ventimiglia (TV’s “Heroes”), Mandy Moore (TV’s “grey’s Anatomy”), sterling brown (series “American crime story”), Chrissy Metz (series “American horror story”), Justin Hartley (TV’s “Smallville”).

“We are” earned a number of prestigious awards, including a Golden globe and an Emmy.

. And also talked about the five most popular series to date.

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