10 breeds of dogs with incredible intelligence


February 6, 2016, 17:03 | Animals

A dog is a friend of man. Everyone has probably heard this phrase. In addition, dogs are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Recently, scientists from the University of British Columbia, which is located in Vancouver, conducted a study to identify the most intelligent dog breeds.

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence

In general, it turned out that the level of intelligence of an average dog is comparable to the IQ of a 2-year-old child. Especially intelligent ones can understand up to 250 words, as well as perform the simplest mathematical operations with numbers up to 5. Among other skills of dogs, scientists have singled out orientation on the terrain and control of complex mechanisms. And these quadrupeds are able to feel anger, joy and disgust. But with more complex emotions, for example, a sense of guilt in dogs, not everything is so smooth. It is almost impossible to call them.

Scientists compiled a ranking of the smartest dog breeds, which we want to publish today.

1. Border collie

These handsome men occupy a leading position in the rating. They were bred to herd sheep by mixing different types of sheepdogs. If a dog of this breed is trained, it can also become a guide for the blind or an excellent guard dog. In short, for almost all occasions.

10 breeds of dogs with incredible intelligence

2. Poodle

Don't be surprised. Now they are more often used for decorative purposes, and they remind me (personally) of cotton candy. In fact, poodles are very intelligent dogs. Some representatives of this breed are used for hunting birds, and larger ones can even become excellent guards. And poodles are excellent swimmers and can even pull out a drowning person…

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence

3. German Shepherd

I will not talk about this breed for a long time. Probably everyone watched movies and series where representatives of this breed were the main characters. German shepherds can be guards, guides and shepherds with equal success. They are used more often than other breeds for service in the army, police, or guarding state borders. And they get along great with children.

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence

4. Golden retriever

The breed was bred to retrieve game from the water. Now these dogs are perfect for large families. They find a common language with children. Golden retrievers are often used for therapeutic purposes. These dogs are extremely hardworking and very easy to train. In general, they rightfully take their place in our top ten.

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence< /p>

5. Doberman pinscher

These are service dogs that were bred in Germany. There is an opinion that Dobermans are very stupid, but in fact it is wrong. You just need to spend more time and patience on their training. If you try hard, the Doberman can surprise you with its skills.

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence< /p>

6. Scottish Shepherd

Sheltie, or Scottish Shepherd, — this is a small collie. They are easily trained, but do not like familiarity. This dog can hardly tolerate strangers wanting to scratch his ear. If you dream of a collie, but don't get one because of its size, think about a sheltie!

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence< /p>

7. Labrador retriever

This breed was bred as a working — these dogs have helped sailors retrieve their catch from time immemorial. All representatives of this breed have an extremely balanced character. Now it is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In general, by right…

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence< /p>

8. Papillon

A breed distinguished by its huge, butterfly-like ears (hence the name, "butterfly" from the French). This breed has been considered very intelligent for many years. No wonder Papillons were one of the most beloved dogs at the courts of the French nobility.

10 breeds of dogs with incredible intelligence

9. Rottweiler

Very powerful and strong dog. Does not like outsiders, but with proper training, it can be controlled, directing its power in the right direction. Rottweilers, like German shepherds, are often used in police service.

10 dog breeds with incredible intelligence< /p>

10. Australian Shepherd

This breed closes our top ten. Despite its name, it was bred in the USA in the 20th century. These are very smart animals. They know how to quickly execute commands, which is why they are called dogs for active owners. Australian Shepherd can not sleep for long. She needs to be constantly occupied, played with or trained.

10 breeds of dogs with incredible intelligence

Here are the top ten. We understand that for every dog ​​lover, their pet is the best and smartest, so don't blame us if a breeder dog isn't on this list. Better tell about how smart she is in the comments to this material.


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