10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world


    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world

    Nancy Pelosi

    Everyone is talking about 82-year-old Nancy Pelosi and her visit to Taiwan these days: according to the Flightradar24 service, more than 2.92 million people from all over the planet watched the route of the speaker's plane — the flight became the most tracked flight in history. China, which considers Taiwan its territory, has repeatedly warned of its readiness to take tough measures in the event of such a trip, and after the landing of the American speaker's plane, he strongly protested. The world press writes about the aggravation of relations between China and the United States. Let's figure out who Nancy Pelosi is, who is called the third person in the US power structure.

    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world

    Nancy Pelosi and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

    I have been interested in politics since childhood

    Nancy was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and her father, Thomas D'Alessandro — the younger was the mayor of this city for 12 years. In the late 60s, her brother, Thomas D'Alessandro III, received the same post. Nancy herself, after graduating from a female Catholic school, received a bachelor's degree in political science from Trinity College and soon began a political career. 

    Pelosi — a member of the US Democratic Party and the Democrats supported literally from birth: she recalls how, as a child, a Republican agitator tried to give her a toy elephant (the symbol of the Republican Party), but she did not take the toy.

    She has five children and nine grandchildren

    In 2023, Nancy and her husband, businessman Paul Pelosi, will celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary. They met while in college. They have four daughters and one son. The youngest daughter, Alexander, is engaged in television journalism and makes documentaries. Son Paul — business analyst and broker. Daughter Christine — a former lawyer and now political strategist for the Democratic Party, she is married to the son of director Philip Kaufman, who directed The Unbearable Lightness of Being and The Pen of the Marquis de Sade. Little is known about the couple's other daughter, Jacqueline, except that she owns an art studio and has three sons. Some information about the eldest daughter of the spouses Nancy Corrin: she once headed the sales department of the Fairmont hotel chain, now, according to the press, she works as a marketer in Arizona.

    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world

    Nancy and Paul Pelosi with family

    Strict mother

    Nancy's children said in an interview with Vanity Fair that “literally military discipline” always reigned in their house. In the morning they had to make their beds on time, clean up the rooms and go down to breakfast. Before school, all the children were given containers with exactly the same lunch, Nancy's daughters lined up so that she braided each hair. Preparing their school uniform and polishing their shoes was also the responsibility of every child.

    Pelosi notes that while raising children, she gained skills that were very useful to her in her political career. One of her friends says this about her:

    I realized that she would go far when I visited her and saw how small children neatly put their clean linen in even piles.

    Nevertheless, the children managed to break the rules: for example, only years later Nancy and her husband found out that the youngest daughter Alexandra sometimes ran away from home at night to play in an amateur grunge band.

    One of the most powerful women in the US

    Nancy has served in Congress since the 1980s, and in the early 2000s she became the first woman to hold the parliamentary convener of a minority Democratic faction in the House of Representatives. Soon she headed the — It was the first time in history that this position was held by a woman. At the same time, the Democrats regained a majority in the lower house of parliament after a twelve-year tenure in opposition.

    Next, Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, thus becoming the first woman and the first person of Italian-American descent in this post (she has Italian roots ).

    Now Nancy holds the third most important position in the US power structure after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Speaker of the House of Representatives — exactly the person who will become the head of state if something happens to the president and vice president of the United States (however, such incidents have never happened in American history).

    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world

    Tore the text of Trump's speech behind his back

    Pelosi actively opposed Donald Trump and advocated the idea of ​​impeachment. The speaker assured that the former US president is subordinate to Vladimir Putin because of some compromising evidence that Russia allegedly had. Politicians did not hide their enmity: Trump did not shake hands with Pelosi during a meeting of Congress, and she, in turn, defiantly tore up the text of Trump's speech behind his back after the president's address to Congress. The video has gone viral on social media, with the American press calling it the “biggest moment” of Pelosi's political career.

     Her husband is in legal trouble

    Just today, August 3, Paul Pelosi will appear in court in California on charges of driving while intoxicated. 82-year-old husband Nancy Pelosi had an accident at the end of May this year while driving his Porsche. According to media reports, a person was injured in the collision, and alcohol was found in Pelosi's blood — 0.082 ppm.

    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world

    She was criticized for misuse of aviation

    < p>In 2009, Pelosi came under fire when the New York Post reported that she was demanding that she be provided with US Air Force G-5 aircraft for personal travel. The publication published excerpts from emails of Nancy's assistant, who said that the speaker “would be very disappointed” if she was not given the requested board. The public then was unhappy that Pelosi was spending public funds for personal purposes.

    She loves to dance

    Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine, says in an interview that one of her childhood memories — how her mother dances through the kitchen to Cher's songs:

    She always, always danced. Mom doesn't sing very well, but that never stopped her. But she dances beautifully and often does it.

    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world

    Nancy Pelosi and John F. Kennedy: “17-year-old me and then still just Senator John F. Kennedy. My friend , who was filming us, told me then: “Save this photo — one day he might be president of the United States.”

    Loves chocolate

    Pelosi's office is said to always have a certain brand of candy factory chocolate Ghirardelli, based in San Francisco, and can't live without chocolate ice cream.

    I love crossword puzzles

    As far as the press knows, Nancy is a big fan of crossword puzzles — in particular, she likes those published in the New York Times: they are considered especially difficult.

    10 facts about Nancy Pelosi, whose visit to Taiwan was watched by the whole world


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