10% of executives have left CPEs since the start of the pandemic

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10% of managers have left CPEs since the start of the pandemic

It's not easy to be an executive in one of the province's 950 early childhood centers in 2022, according to the Association of CPE Executives of Quebec. Its director general is calling for better working conditions and even questioning the government's promise to create new places.

For Élyse Lebeau, Executive Director of the Association des cadres des centers la petite enfance du Québec, improving the working conditions of some 1,900 CPE managers in Quebec is obvious, even a necessity.

“If the current situation, working conditions, executive compensation are not corrected, we believe that the development of the new places [in CPE] announced by the Minister of the Family is doomed to failure. »

— Élyse Lebeau, Executive Director of the Association of Executives of Early Childhood Centers of Quebec

The Executive Director does not hide it, it is complex to recruit new executives and even more to retain them. Since the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, almost 10% of executives have left the public early childhood sector.

There are also issues of attraction and retention. We are even losing executives at the moment who are going to other fields because the compensation is really insufficient, given what is required of these people, adds Élyse Lebeau.

This is why the Association of Executives in CPE calls on the political parties, about a week before election day on October 3.

The government must wake up and say that they are not going to forget our boat captains because they are the ones who hold the fort, claims Ms. Lebeau.

One of the association's criticisms of the Legault government is the gap between the salaries of these boat captains and other workers in CPEs. According to Élyse Lebeau, executive salaries have stagnated in recent years, unlike those of educators, for example.

The salary structure [for executives] dates from 2006, so there is no there was no revision of the structure while the tasks of the executives continue to increase, she explains.

Élyse Lebeau is calling for better salaries for executives in CPEs. (archives)

This situation does not bode well for the future, thinks the general manager.

We are going to have the difficulty in attracting new people to work in our structures, in our early childhood centres, because the working conditions are not competitive in relation to the market in general, but also in relation to internal equity, she said in an interview with Radio-Canada.

Élyse Lebeau has her theory on the reasons for this persistent gap.

Because it's a network of women, it seems to be less recognized. I don't think there are many men who would accept those conditions. Currently, there are assistant managers who earn less than the employees they supervise. This is not normal, concludes Ms. Lebeau.

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