10 signs of ovarian cancer

There are at least ten of the most common signs of ovarian cancer.

10 признаков рака яичников

Now ovarian cancer becomes a disappointing diagnosis for many women. The disease ranks fifth in the prevalence in women. Ovarian cancer experts often called a “silent killer” – a disease in the early stages does not manifest itself and difficult to be diagnosed. And acting aggressively.

But there are ten of the most common symptoms of this insidious disease, which, unfortunately, almost never pay attention or relate to the signs of other health problems.

Frequent back pain

If you have osteoporosis, sciatica, arthritis, and back always hurts, you should get advice from doctors — the pain due to unclear reasons is a serious reason for concern.

Pain in the lower abdomen

Frequent abdominal pain or heaviness in the abdomen are also a major reason to see a doctor — it could be a symptom of cancer or other serious diseases. Cancer pain is sometimes accompanied by pain under the diaphragm and bloating, which should not be immediately attributed to gastritis and other stomach trouble.

The menstrual cycle

Statistics show that ovarian cancer is detected more often in women after the age of 55. But, however, his victims can be very young women, girls who have not even started my period. Heavy periods, bleeding between periods, repeated violations of the cycle are also a major symptoms of cancer.


Patients with cancer often complain of weakness and fatigue. Traditionally, such a condition is characteristic for advanced, but it happens that occurs in the early stages. Causeless fatigue should be cause for concern and treatment in the hospital.

Early satiety

If during the meal you will very quickly begin to feel satiety is also a reason to be suspicious. Experts say that this is one of the most common signs of cancer, which is still progressing rapidly.

Pain during sex

Pain, discomfort during sex can be a bright indication of many gynecological problems, and cancer of the ovaries early, including. The pain may be localized in the lower abdomen, as well as possible the urge to immediately go to the toilet.

Nausea and vomiting

These symptoms can be characteristic of many diseases. But they often occur in ovarian cancer and are accompanied by diarrhea, constipation, bloating.


This symptom is one of the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer, along with abdominal pain. Doctors say that women have the abdomen swells as during pregnancy. This is a serious reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

Enhanced hair growth or hair loss

When women begin to complain of increased growth of darker and more coarse hair is not a clear sign of cancer, but a distinctive cause for concern. And in some cases, some patients have experienced an opposite phenomenon — the loss and weakening of hair.

Frequent constipation

The region of the stomach and intestinal tract often show symptoms of ovarian cancer, especially at early stages. This may also experience symptoms such as frequent constipation, bloating and loss of appetite.

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