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11 essential tech items for going on vacation this summer

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During the holidays, we wander everywhere. So to avoid ending up with a switched off phone, the external battery is an essential accessory.

There are all kinds of options on the market, but some brands have managed to stand out from the crowd with interesting concepts. This is the case with Anker, for example, which offers two external batteries designed for vacations.

The first, the MagGo, is designed for iPhone owners. MagSafe compatible, it includes a small foot allowing you to place the iPhone on any support, vertically or horizontally. You can then watch a video peacefully in transport while recharging the battery. The MacGo also has a small screen indicating the percentage of energy available in the external battery.

If you don't have an iPhone, Anker also offers the Nano, a smaller external battery capable of charging at 22.5 W of power. This battery attaches directly via USB-C to any smartphone or tablet. Here again, you can continue to use the device while recharging. The main advantage of this model lies in its compact format. Perfect for backpackers for example, since it still has 5,000 mAh. An excellent size-capacity-power compromise. And what’s more, it only costs 25 euros.

Anker is not the only brand to offer good external batteries. Ugreen or Belkin are also two reference brands.

The holidays are for many an opportunity to catch up on those hours of reading lost in the hubbub of everyday life. But taking your entire library with you is a bit heavy in your suitcase.

Luckily, the e-reader exists. In just a few years, it has even established itself as a holiday essential for millions of French people. They come in all sizes, at all prices and for all types of audiences. Recently, Fnac even launched the Kobo Libra Color, a tablet designed for reading manga.

The market is mainly occupied by Amazon with its Kindles and Fnac with the Kobos. But other players are trying to find a place in this market which is still thriving as summer approaches.

The other good news is that we have a complete guide to help you choose your e-reader according to your needs and your budget. You're welcome, it makes us happy!

They have become the flagship accessory that accompanies your smartphone. Powered by AirPods, wireless headphones are in every pocket. During the summer, when the time comes to isolate yourself in your world during your trip or during a little tanning session, headphones are essential.

While most consumer models are water resistant, not all allow complete immersion. If you want to swim or surf with your headphones, the Shokz brand offers the OpenSwim, a benchmark in the field.

Otherwise, the market is full of hundreds of models that might suit you. If sound quality is essential to you, the premium models from Apple (in Pro version), Sony or Bose will appeal to you. If your budget is more limited, Nothing stands out as the brand offering the best value for money.

And if you don't find what you're looking for in these suggestions, you can turn to our guide to the best wireless headphones.

Listening to music alone is good. More than one is better. The French understand this well, so the portable speaker is one of the essentials for going on vacation.

Far be it from us to encourage you to disturb other vacationers on the beach. But when camping, isolated in a bivouac or to party with your friends in a vacation home, the portable speaker comes in handy.

Summer requires you to probably approach water points (swimming pool, sea, lake, etc.). We therefore recommend that you turn to waterproof models.

Your budget will also depend on the quality of your sound as well as the size of your speaker. For backpackers, a compact model like those from Sony (SRS-XB13 and XB100), JBL (Clip 4 and Go 4), Bose (Sounlink Micro) or Marshall (Willen) are recommended.

If you're looking for a transportable model that can send decibels to the poolside, the LG XBOOM XL5S speaker is perfect. But it's the size of a suitcase, so you might as well choose it if you're going by car.

Holidays are an opportunity to try unique, sometimes extreme experiences. But how to film a canyoning, parachute or bungee jump without breaking your smartphone? Using an action camera of course.

Over the years, GoPro has established itself as the benchmark brand. But other players have managed to find a place for themselves, including Insta360. Known for its 360-degree cameras, the company also distinguished itself by offering the smallest camera in the world. The Insta360 Go 3s is the latest from the Chinese brand's laboratories, and it has something to seduce. If you are looking for a 4K camera, compact and easy to use when traveling, this is undoubtedly the most interesting.

The Insta360 Go 3s takes the form of a small pill that can be attached to any metal surface thanks to its magnetic attachments . It can also be attached to the torso, through a t-shirt, using a magnetic collar. It also attaches to a cap or a pole for a drone view. Above all, the camera comes with a small case with screen display, perfect for vlogging. Obviously, it is certified waterproof for use underwater. A real favorite!

If you have a limited budget but still want to film underwater, a waterproof smartphone pouch is the accessory you need. #8217;you need. Sold for around tens of euros, this transparent pouch allows you to take photos or film underwater directly with your smartphone.

“Yes but my smartphone is certified waterproof, no need for a cover” some will say. This is a serious mistake. Smartphones certified waterproof are only suitable for accidental immersion. These certifications do not authorize the use of your smartphone underwater. The reason is simple: the pressure caused by moving underwater can allow liquid to seep into the phone and damage it.

The cover is therefore essential if you want to immortalize your vacation in Finding Nemo.

11 essential tech items for going on vacation this summer

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Who has never been afraid that their suitcase will end up in Timbuktu while they are waiting for it in Malaga? Errors in suitcase transfer by airlines, that arrived. So to avoid panicking, we advise you to equip yourself with an AirTag (for Apple users), Smart Tag (for Samsung) or any other Tag device.

These small tokens sold for a few dozen euros can slip into a suitcase or hang on objects that are dear to you. Some specialists even offer trackers in the form of a card that you slip into a wallet.

Thanks to them, it is possible to find a lost or stolen object simply with your smartphone. An investment of a few euros to save several hundred, even several thousand. There is no photo.

The start of summer 2024 won't make us lie: vacations also sometimes mean rainy days. So to avoid getting bored (or seeing your kids drive you crazy), bringing a portable console might be a good idea.

The good news is that the market has expanded considerably in 2023 with the release of many portable consoles for gamers. ROG Ally, Steam Deck, MSI Claw, Lenovo Legion Go: you've definitely heard of these portable consoles that are as powerful as gaming PCs.  You are more Nintendo ? The Switch in all its forms (OLED, standard or Lite) is there to satisfy you.

Finally, retrogaming enthusiasts can also find what they are looking for with a small retro portable console like the Miyoo Mini Plus, a little gem discovered by our expert Robin.

Besides, our little nugget has put together a complete guide to help you choose the best portable console according to your needs.

We sometimes tend to forget it, but vacations are not just about multiplying original activities. It’s also about taking advantage of the rest time available to us.

In the evening after a good evening spent at the restaurant or around a good meal, or in your tent after a day of hiking, why not share a moment at the cinema? The portable video projector can then become a very interesting accessory.

Brands like Anker (with the Nebula Capsule), Philips and Sony offer compact video projectors or picoprojectors allowing you to enjoy a cinema experience anywhere. And thanks to the integration of Google TV, these small accessories even allow access to steaming platforms. What more could you ask for ?

If you are used to traveling to hotels or houses with an internet box, this accessory is not for you. The 5G modem is aimed at backpackers, hikers, those going on an adventure to cut themselves off from the modern world for a few days.

Finally, cut yourself off yes, but not completely. The 5G modem is the ideal accessory if you want to document your trip or access certain online uses greedy like streaming video.

Why a 5G modem rather than phone connection sharing ? For two reasons. Firstly for questions of autonomy: the 5G modem can easily last a week when a smartphone runs out of power in a few hours.

Secondly because a 5G modem has better connectivity than a smartphone. Thanks to numerous antennas, it picks up where your smartphone is offline. A significant asset for the most adventurous.

Please note, the 5G modem has a cost, so it is preferable to be able to continue using it outside of the holidays.

We all know this problem on the beach. We settle in, warm up a bit and want to go for a swim to cool off. It's at this moment that we all look into each other's eyes to see which one of us is going to stay near the briefcases to keep an eye on things.

To prevent the group or family from splitting up, there is UpLock. This accessory is a suitcase-shaped safe that allows you to store all the precious objects you carry with you to the beach.Phone, glasses, books, e-reader, passport: everything can be stored in UpLock and locked with a password chosen in advance.

The company even offers an advanced version equipped with a tracker to follow the suitcase in case a smart guy thought of forcing the trunk after taking it with him him. Not bad no ?

Here is our selection of essential tech items for a good summer vacation. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments.

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