11 non-obvious signs that your apartment is being robbed


April 14, 2022, 16:03 | In the world

There are several signs that you or your neighbors have attracted the attention of criminals.

11 non-obvious signs of that they want to rob your apartment

According to statistics, only 2% of thefts are carried out with careful preparation that lasts for months. But it cannot be said that the other 98% of thieves choose their victim spontaneously. There are several signs that you or your neighbors have attracted the attention of criminals, informs Ukr.Media.

Frequent doorbells

There is a bell or a knock on the door, but there is no one on the site. It is possible that these are pampered children, but if these episodes have become more frequent, it is possible that the thieves are trying to find out what hours there is no one at home.

Calls from unknown numbers< /strong>

Such calls to a home phone differ from ordinary telephone spam in that the other end of the wire immediately rings – in this way, criminals find out if anyone is in the apartment at that moment .

Calls from "sociologists"

Sociologists really call random people and offer to take a survey on a current topic. To pass them or not is a personal matter of everyone. But some questions should be alarming. For example, about your work schedule, about the number of people living in the apartment, their gender and age, about the presence of pets and their breeds. If you have been asked about any of these, this is not a sociologist, but a fraud – hang up.

Persistent visitors

Strangers try to get into the apartment under various pretexts. They can be represented by the same sociologists, employees of communal services or social assistance, buyers of antiques or books, acquaintances of the previous owners. There are known cases when thieves pretended to be refugees, and compassionate people let them in for their trouble. Strangers can be either gunners probing the ground or outright robbers.

Thieves can pretend to be employees of communal services, you should be wary if you are asked about your neighbors, usually under the pretext of “they are drowning us, but no one opens the door”: where are they when they return. They bet on the fact that in high-rise buildings, residents rarely know each other.

Small objects in the door

Thieves often insert small, barely noticeable objects into the door: matches, pieces of cardboard, coins. Either they tape the door lock, or they stick a magnet with an advertisement on it. These are a kind of tags that allow you to find out how long the owners have been away from home. For the same purpose, criminals can put advertisements in the door or put something fragile under the mat, for example, cookies.

Strangers question children

< p>Children can become gunners unintentionally. On a walk, a stranger approaches your child and starts a conversation, unobtrusively trying to find out the number and age of the household, whether there is a dog in the family and what breed it is, who the parents work for, whether there are many valuables at home things Criminals can rub off on trust in social networks by asking to visit under various pretexts.

Suddenly the lock jammed

The lock was working perfectly, but then it started jamming for no reason, or the key is hard to insert into the well. This happens when criminals tried to pick a key to the lock and accidentally damaged it. Inspect the lock: there are no scratches or deformed parts.

There is a "summons"

in the box.

In the mailbox, there was a summons from a state body: the investigative committee, the police, the court, with a clear indication of the date and time when you need to appear at the department's address. Do not hesitate to call this department again and confirm that they are really calling you, and not trying to trick you into leaving the apartment.

A lamp was unscrewed on the site

Most likely, the light bulb was appropriated by unscrupulous neighbors, but if many of the signs described above coincide, it is possible that an apartment burglary is being prepared, and the light bulb was unscrewed so that the neighbors could not see the silhouette of the criminal and did not sound the alarm.

Door window is stuck

For the same reason, you should be careful if you find chewing gum on the door window. Perhaps the thieves have chosen your neighbors as victims, and you are being “deprived of visibility'' as an unnecessary witness.

Suspicious people are hanging around the entrance< /p>

Next to the entrance, or even in the entrance itself, you see the same people again and again, but you are sure that they are not local. At the same time, strangers look suspicious: they look around from time to time or stare intently at the same window, they avoid other people's eyes, they are dressed inconspicuously, they cover their faces with a cap or a hood. Do not hesitate to ask suspicious strangers about the purpose of their visit.

The person does not want you to see their face, all of these signs alone do not indicate a robbery threat. But it is better to be vigilant than to get rid of valuable and dear things.


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