$12.5 million to protect the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence from invasive species

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$12.5M to protect the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence from invasive species

Omar Alghabra, Federal Minister of Transportation, says the Oceans Protection Plan helps protect the environment by supporting sustainable shipping practices.

Canada is launching a new $12.5 million program to fight aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra made the announcement at a Wednesday press briefing in Windsor.

The Ballast Water Innovation Program will fund including research projects and will propose innovations to help limit the introduction and spread of invasive species.

Ballast water stored in a ship's compartments provides it with stability, but it can also contain organisms, plants and animals that come from other ecosystems.

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“By tackling invasive species in our waters, we can better protect and restore our marine ecosystem while strengthening our marine economy. coast to coast.

—Omar Alghabra, Federal Transport Minister

Transport Canada will be accepting proposals for projects to be launched this year until May 10.

These investments for the next four years are made possible through the $3.5 billion Oceans Fund to protect coasts and waterways, Minister Omar Alghabra continued.

Port of Windsor CEO Steven Salmons said this news comes at just the right time.

We are very happy to hear this announcement today. I think this is great news for the community, great supportive news, he explained.

He said the Port of Windsor already has a long-term plan to prepare for the challenges of rising water levels and climate change.

Tony De Thomasis, CEO of Essex Terminal Railway, meanwhile praised the government for its continued efforts to maintain the health of Great Lakes ecosystems.

I commend the federal government for the #x27;approach taken to improve the ballast water innovation program through the Oceans Protection Plan, he launched.

According to him, such measures will help prevent the introduction of invasive species and their spread in Canada and other countries.

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