14-year-old Marta is missing. The police urgently appeal for help

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Missing 14-year-old Marta. Police urgently appeals for help

For a long time we have been noticing a real plague of disappearances among teenagers. It's no secret that most of the disappearances are related to leaving their place of residence alone, and a large group of missing teenagers are residents of educational centers.

14-year-old Marta commuted to school by train

This time the announcement concerns 14-year-old Marta Rakowska, who, as described on the Facebook page “Zaginieni Cała Polska”, is a ward of a care and educational institution.

As it turns out from September this year the girl attends a secondary school in Grudziądz, which involved commuting. On September 23 this year, on Friday, the 14-year-old did not return to the square, nor made contact with anyone she knew.

It should be noted that she traveled to the school in Grudziądz by train. The phone of the missing person is turned off, and the last time she was seen that day at around 3 p.m. in Galeria Grudziądzka, Shopping Center Alfa Grudziądz.

The girl is 160 cm tall, with long blonde hair and a special sign Another is the mole above the upper lip on the right side. Police officers from the district headquarters in Chełmno ask for urgent contact from people who can in any way help in finding the whereabouts of the missing 14-year-old.

People who have information that could contribute to the determination of the missing person's whereabouts, please contact the County Police Headquarters in Chełmno, phone: 47 754 72 00 or the emergency number 112 – we read in the announcement.

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