170,000 'unreadable' license plates still on Ontario roads

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170,000 “unreadable” license plates still on Ontario roads

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation says that he was working on the removal of the blue plates in 2021.

Some 170,000 blue license plates are in circulation in Ontario.

Almost three years ago, the Ford government introduced new blue license plates, but problems readability had forced the province to back down. However, no plans have been announced to remove these plates from Ontario roads.

In 2021, the Ministry of Public and Business Services said it was creating a plan to remove these license plates with white letters and numbers on a blue background that were difficult to read. Of the 193,000 plates issued by the government in 2020, 170,000 are still in circulation, according to the province.

The Ministry of Public and Business Services told CBC Toronto that blue plates would be valid until further notice.

Ontarians who wish to exchange their blue license plate for an upgraded white plate can make the change through Service Ontario, notes Colin Blachar, a ministry spokesperson in a written statement.

Shortly after their launch, many reported the problems with readability in the darkness of the blue plates. Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request from CBC Toronto reveal that Ontarians described these plates as nearly unreadable. The police had also warned the province that these plates could be a security problem.

Blue license plates were produced in February 2020.

Opposition Transportation Critic, New Democrat Jennifer French, wants Ford government to quickly pass exit plan blue plates.

The MP for Oshawa regrets that they are still in circulation on Ontario roads due to legibility problems both in broad daylight and at night or in hazardous weather conditions.

According to Paul Calandra, the House leader of the government, these new plaques were to symbolize a new government focused on progress, growth and prosperity. First issued in February 2020, these plates were discontinued a few months later in May.

At the time, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that the province reverted to white plates with blue lettering with the motto Yours to Discover or Tant to discover.

The motto “Yours to Discover” has appeared on license plates in Ontario since the 1980s.

Director of Government Relations and Communications, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police , José Luís Couto, believes that the removal of blue license plates should be a priority for the government.

For our agents on the roads, these plates are more difficult to read. night. It is important that these plates be removed.

While officers adapt well to challenges, José Luís Couto notes that officers would prefer to see white license plates. They're very easy to read, and the lettering is clean and distinct, he says.

Brian Patterson of the Ontario Safety League says drivers should have their license plates for their own safety as soon as they can.

With information from Sara Jabakhanji, CBC

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