1899: the creator of the Netflix series responds to accusations of plagiarism

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As the new Netflix series, 1899, has just been accused of plagiarism, one of its creators responds and completely denies them.

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, creators of the acclaimed Dark series, may have been particularly wary of recent charges against them. If they thought maybe making headlines with their new original series, 1899, it was rather a certain indignation that they triggered. At least with the Brazilian comic book author, Mary Cagnin, who asserted without a doubt that 1899 was nothing less than gross plagiarism. Throughout an incendiary Twitter thread, the article presented various elements supposed to imply that the Netflix series would have copied the essence of its graphic novel, Black Silence.

So from there, a thousand questions arise. When can plagiarism be proven when certain science fiction motifs are inherent in many other works of the genre? Similarly, how to separate simple inspiration from homage or plagiarism? Difficult case even if apparently it would have shocked Mary Cagnin to the highest degree, according to her own words. Eventually, one of the creators of 1899 spoke up, hoping to quell the controversy. He did not, however, fail to vigorously deny the accusations.

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As I already mentioned in my previous post: Unfortunately we don't know the artist, his work or the comic. We would never steal from other artists, because we ourselves feel like artists. We have also contacted her, so I hope she withdraws her accusations. The internet has become a strange place. Please spread more love than hate. Thank you.

Taking advantage of an Instagram post from a fan account, Baran bo Odar posted his own comment on the topic(visible above) in order to dispel any (possible) misunderstanding. Thus, he affirms a total ignorance of the work of Mary Cagnin as well as of her person, not even admitting the smallest inspiration or possible influence of the latter on 1899 >.

Far from opening hostilities, however, Baran bo Odar seems more inclined to clear his name and that of Jantje Friese than to send back some cynical counter-arguments Brazilian style. For example, some will have already raised the possibility that Mary Cagnin seized on the apparent similarities between her Black Silence and the series to pay for free publicity. Once again, an impossible hypothesis to decide.

Furthermore, Mary Cagnin does not has, for the moment, not taken any other steps against the authors of Dark. She simply called on everyone to read her Black Silence so that everyone could make the comparison and thus give credit where credit is due. An attitude that will undoubtedly have no trouble encouraging gossip, especially in the infernal whirlwind of social networks.

Waiting for the case to be clarified and finds a (hopefully happy) ending, you can watch all eight episodes of 1899 on Netflix as well as read Black Silence (Brazilian and English version only) on Mary Cagnin's website.

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