2 Dec on questions of readers “the FACTS” answer pediatric orthopedist Tamara Polishchuk

2 декабря на вопросы читателей «ФАКТОВ» ответит детский ортопед Тамара Полищук

— In newborns, it is important not to miss the dysplasia — a congenital anomaly, which is easy to handle in the first months of a child’s life, but it is impossible to do without surgery at a later age, says pediatric orthopedist, a leading researcher at clinic of traumatology and orthopedics of childhood, Institute of traumatology and orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine candidate of medical Sciences Tamara Polishchuk. — Pediatric orthopedics begging the parents: show us the baby one to six months. Enough to do an ultrasound of the hip joints or x-rays to pinpoint, there is a problem or not. Research will not bring harm, but will protect the baby from severe consequences of the dysplasia. Because it threatens dislocation of the hip joint, a posture, a “duck” gait.

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— On what it is necessary to draw the attention of parents?

— Length legs. The growth of one may lag the other by several centimetres. If more than two, it is a reason to go to the doctor. The danger is that because this is a violation of posture, there is a risk of distortion of the pelvis. Notice that the posture is changed, it is easy: ask the child to become so that your heels together and toes apart. Look at the feet on one level, knees. Please note on the shoulder — not the sticks if one of them, on the shoulders — symmetrical or not.

— When a child goes to school he has to sit a lot. How to do it right?

It is necessary to adjust the height of the Desk to keep the child comfortable. Legs should not hang down or buckle. May need support under my feet. Do not allow your child during the meal to turn the table sideways, do the lessons on his knee. And to form a muscular corset, you need exercise not only for muscles, but for abdominal.

It always asymmetrical pleats newborn say about the problem? Why is the kid wearing stirrups? What is scoliosis and is it possible to save his child?

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