2 free tech MOOCs to start 2023 on the right foot

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We have selected two free MOOCs that allow you to learn more about two major digital-related topics.

2 free tech MOOCs to start 2023 on the right foot

The The year 2023 has just begun, and with it its share of new resolutions. Why not, for example, use part of his free time to train on major subjects that have an impact on our daily lives?

Here are two free MOOCs that won't take you a lot of time. Proposed by the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria), they are devoted to artificial intelligence and the environmental impact of digital technology.

Environmental impacts of digital technology

This online course will only take you 5 hours. You can also choose to study when you want and there is no particular requirement in terms of timetable. As Inria describes it, the idea here is to “Question oneself on the environmental impacts of digital technology, learn to measure, decipher and act, to find one's place as a citizen in a digital world.”

This training is aimed at everyone, but more specifically at education professionals, young people from the second year, and citizens who are wondering about the environmental impacts of digital technology.< /p>

While this subject is subject to very contradictory information, even to pure disinformation, this teaching will allow you to see it more clearly through an educational video and various formative activities which make it possible to question our actions as consumer and citizen, but also to question the various indicators and data that make it possible to make a diagnosis.

Participants will be able to check the acquisition of knowledge via quizzes and various educational activities and recover a certificate of follow-up issued by France digital university. More information here.

Artificial Intelligence with Intelligence

This course requires a 10 hour effort. It is aimed at all citizens and more specifically aims to decipher and question the many discourses that can be heard on AI. This theme is indeed the subject of very diverse received ideas and clich├ęs that this MOOC will question in order to help you see more clearly. It is therefore a general education that allows you to form an idea and have your own opinion on the construction and applications of these technologies.

To do this, the education offers videos and many sheets and additional resources to go further on the topics covered. Quizzes are also on the program to check mastery of knowledge. At the end of the course, a certificate of successful completion may be delivered by France digital university. To find out more, it’s here.

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