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The salary will soon be more substantial for many employees.

This is good news for employees! Many have probably forgotten it, but an increase in salary will soon be paid by many companies, depending on the circumstances. destination of at least two million employees. A bonus of a few hundred euros will in fact be added to the cost. monthly remuneration. This is not a new check coming out of the government's pocket but rather aid paid every year, automatically, and which will increase in 2024.< /p>

While the summer holidays are here gently point the tip of their noses – they officially begin on Saturday July 6 in National Education – it is already here. time to work on the organization of the two summer months: simply stay at home, go to grandma and grandpa's, go somewhere… hellip; The options vary depending on the household, in particular because of a central criterion: the budget. It's a sad reality, not everyone can afford the luxury of going to relax for a few days by the sea or elsewhere.

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To help households finance their summer leave, some employers pay the holiday bonus. If some grant it, it is not an obligation. It simply depends on the collective agreement or company agreement. For example, employees hired under the Syntec, construction and public works agreements or those of the recovery industries and trade are subject to the same criteria. benefit from this little extra.

For employees, the amount paid is calculated based on the rules set out in the collective agreement or company agreement. And this year, it will be up for (almost) everyone thanks to a very simple rule: if you have received a raise (or your colleagues), your bonus will automatically be higher than in 2023 since it corresponds to a percentage of your salary (or more precisely of your paid vacation compensation, established from your salary), or of the company's total payroll. The increase will not be dizzying but equivalent to the salary increase that you may have been granted. Unless your company has decided to top up your bonus.

In concrete terms, for employees under the Syntec agreement which covers many professions in France, the amount is equivalent to 10% of the gross annual salary: this represents 300 euros gross, or approximately 250 euros net, when you receive a salary of 1950 euros net per month. In the construction industry, the calculation method is more complex (30% of the compensation paid for 24 days of paid leave). In concrete terms, for an employee paid 2,000 euros net per month (30,000 euros gross per year), the bonus amounts to around 880 euros.

But when will it be paid? Generally, it is during the summer (on the June, July or August payroll) that employers make this payment, even if some specific rules exist: some companies pay a portion during the summer and another one during the Christmas holidays.

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