2 out of 3 households have changed the habits of using appliances


    2 out of 3 households have changed the habits of using household appliances

    In a context of uncertainty such as the one we are experiencing, and with skyrocketing inflation and electricity prices, the habits of the Spanish at home have changed to adapt to the current situation. so This is reflected in the results of the study “Sustainable habits in the kitchen in Spain” conducted by the manufacturer of household appliances Beko, which shows that 2 out of 3 Spanish households (64% of those interviewed) have changed their habits in relation to the use of household appliances since energy prices started to increase very significantly. 

    According to the results of more than 1,500 surveys carried out nationwide, the most common change in habits has been to adapt the time of use of electrical appliances according to the price list. so This is stated by more than half (51%) of those interviewed. 34% have chosen to use some appliances less and 11% to use them appropriately.

    Energy efficiency and saving programs

    As the study data indicates, the oven is the piece of equipment that seems to cause the most concern regarding its consumption by consumers in Spain (45% of those interviewed). They are followed by the washing machine (17%), refrigerator (15%), hob/cooker (12%), dryer (7%), dishwasher (5%)

    On the other hand, the use of energy saving programs is more widespread in washing machines than in dishwashers. Three out of four households (75%) use these programs in washing machines (43% exclusively and 32% also using dishwashers). The most common saving programs, both for washing machines and dishwashers, are low-temperature washes with short wash times. 

    It also stands out that 85% of those interviewed declared pay ‘all or a lot of attention’ to the energy efficiency of your appliances. This attention increases as the age of the interviewee increases and also among women (88%) and those with university studies (86%).

    Efficient household appliances

    < p>More and more consumers are aware of the energy savings that changing certain habits and actions from day to day can entail, such as the use of energy-efficient appliances. beyond If the electricity bill is reduced, this energy saving contributes to a lower environmental impact. 

    The refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most, around the 30% of the total, as it is in operation 24 hours a day. In this sense, the sponsors of the study recommend betting on class C models. And as for dishwashers, they recommend class B. The second most consumed appliance is the washing machine. In this case, a good choice is a class A device.


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