20 people charged after Wasaga Beach mayhem in August

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20 people charged after mayhem at Wasaga Beach in August

Video of the August 26-28 weekend events in Wasaga Beach shows drivers squealing their tires and at least one person jumping on a patrol car.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have laid 37 charges against 20 individuals following an unauthorized gathering of car enthusiasts that escalated in August in Wasaga Beach.

In addition to car stunts on streets, the windows of two patrol cars had been smashed.

The charges now filed by the police are: dangerous driving and dangerous maneuvers.

The ages of the accused range from 17 to 37, the OPP says, adding in its statement that they come from across Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area.

Police are continuing their investigation and say more charges may be forthcoming.

After mayhem over the Aug. 26-28 weekend, Wasaga Beach Mayor Nina Bifolchi , had called for a greater presence of the OPP, which serves the community.

Another rally of car enthusiasts is planned for this weekend in Wasaga Beach.

In its statement, the OPP says there will be an increased police presence and warns visitors not to jeopardize the safety of our citizens and neighborhoods with risky, illegal and dangerous activities.

Anyone who chooses to take part in illegal activities could face charges and their vehicle could be towed, warns the corp s policeman.

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