20 th day of campaign: cellular coverage, cement plant, housing, seniors | Elections Quebec 2022

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20 th  day of campaign: cell coverage, cement works, housing, seniors | Élections Quebec 2022

If elected, the CAQ candidate in Gaspé, Stéphane Ste-Croix, will pledges to connect all villages in its constituency to a reliable internet network by 2026

Caquiste candidates are at the heart of this 20th day of the provincial election campaign in the ridings of Gaspé and Bonaventure. Again today, cellular network coverage and housing were among the topics discussed.

Stéphane Sainte-Croix promised on Friday to complete cellular coverage in the riding of Gaspé by 2026, if elected on October 3.

The candidate in Bonaventure, Catherine Blouin, ensures, for her part, that solutions will be put in place to increase the transparency of the Port-Daniel-Gascons cement plant and that she will do everything possible to improve the situation of the accommodation in the region, if it wins the vote.

If elected, Stéphane Ste-Croix undertakes to connect all the villages in his constituency to a reliable Internet network by 2026.

This promise is directly linked to that made by the head of the CAQ, François Legault, on September 5th.

The latter had therefore promised the creation of the Quebec Infrastructure and Data Fund (ID Quebec), endowed with 3 billion dollars, to allow access to a cellular mobility service throughout the province.< /p>

The aspiring Caquiste deputy in Gaspé deplores that even today several sectors of the Gaspé territory are poorly covered and that it is sometimes impossible to a call with a cell phone in some places.

Candidate Stéphane Sainte-Croix presented his commitments regarding cellular coverage (archives).

He believes that adequate and complete cellular coverage will attract more young people to the tip of the peninsula, while strengthening the safety of citizens.

This is a necessity in economic terms, but also in terms of the safety of our communities, he stressed during the press conference.

Last August, the absence of a cellular network scared two tourists who had just run into a moose in Gaspé County.

The candidate in the riding of Bonaventure, Catherine Blouin, is committed to ensuring greater transparency in the transmission of information from Ciment McInnis.

According to her, a better communication link between the owners of the cement plant and the population of Port-Daniel–Gascons would make it possible to allay the doubts that remain about the data that was presented last month by public health on dust. repeatedly issued by the factory.

We are currently working to find solutions and we understand the concerns of the population. One solution would be to set up effective means of communication between the cement plant and the population, she explained during the Candidates Tournament broadcast on the show Bon pied, bonne heures on Friday.< /p>

Catherine Blouin defends the colors of the Coalition Avenir Québec in the riding of Bonaventure in Gaspésie (archives).

Ms. Blouin also spoke out on the housing shortage problem in the region. She says her party has a plan to deal with this crisis in the territory.

“If I am an MP, I will make sure to seek out as many housing units as possible. We are in action and we will continue to be. »

— Catherine Blouin, Caquiste candidate in the riding of Bonaventure

The candidate recalls that if her party forms the next government, it promises to build 12,000 new affordable housing units in the province over the next next four years.

The Quebec Association for the Defense of the Rights of Retired and Pre-Retired Persons (AQDR) wants issues affecting seniors to be more of a part of the commitments of first aspirants ministers.

The AQDR regrets that the elders were on the sidelines of the main discussions between the party leaders during the Face à Face broadcast on TVA Thursday evening. Discussing a group representing more than 20% of the population for a total of five minutes is largely insufficient and shocking, said the president of the Association, Pierre Lynch.

It indicates that in addition to health, seniors are also concerned about issues of income, housing and transportation.

With information from Guillaume Whalen, Pierre-Gabriel Turgeon and Isabelle Lévesque

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