$200 Gift Cards and Extended Double Rate Bonus for Healthcare Workers

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$200 gift cards and extended double rate bonus for healthcare workers

Quebec extends overtime premium at double rate while some establishments use gift cards to convince staff to fill shifts.

Quebec extends double rate premium for healthcare workers.

Since July 22, workers who agreed to work overtime went straight to double time instead of time and a half.

This measure was intended to convince workers to accept overtime because of the excesses observed in the network.

The measure, initially scheduled until the end of September, was to cost around $50 million.

However, according to information obtained by Radio-Canada, Quebec is extending this measure for an indefinite period.

The anticipated labor availability issues during the Thanksgiving holiday and the holiday […] period led the Management Negotiating Committee to inform the unions of the extension temporary measures.

As of September 10, labor needs remained above 10,000 people for the entire network, down slightly from in mid-July.

The mandatory overtime (TSO) rate had also decreased.

At the CISSS de Laval, we consider that the bonus was effective.

Compared to the same period last year, when the measure was not in force, we note a 20% decrease in hours counted as TSO , writes spokesperson Marie-Eve Despatie-Gagnon.

In addition to measures related to overtime, managers are using other financial incentives.

At the CIUSSS de l'Est-de-l'Île-de-Montréal, dozens of nurses were offered $200 prepaid Visas last weekend to accept difficult shifts to be filled.

As the establishment's spokesperson, Christian Merciari, explains, the objective was to offer them a mark of recognition and to thank them for the solidarity shown by working overtime to replace their colleagues who had to pass their examination of the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) [in order to obtain the status that allows the practice of the nursing profession].

Close of 3,000 candidates from across Quebec were expected to take the exam last Monday, according to the OIIQ.

This extraordinary initiative clearly shows how critical the situation is in the emergency room of east of the island, affirms the president of the Union of healthcare professionals of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal, Denis Cloutier.

The government must imperative to put an end to the OSI because there is quite simply no financial incentive which can compensate for the inconveniences experienced by the work for cé.

At least one other establishment in the Montreal area has used $50 and $100 shopping center gift cards this year.

< p class="e-p">Since the start of the election campaign, several parties have pledged to reduce or abolish the use of compulsory overtime and private placement agencies.

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