2019 fatal Buckingham fire case returns to court

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Return to court of the case of the fatal fire at Buckingham in 2019

A woman in her 40s was found guilty last October. (File photo)

The woman convicted of two 2019 manslaughters in the Buckingham area of ​​Gatineau will return to court on Monday during sentencing submissions.

During this hearing, scheduled until Tuesday, the Crown and the defense must present their arguments in order to help the judge determine an appropriate sentence.

In the afternoon of Monday, the Crown recommended 18 to 20 years in prison. It could have been 25 [years], but it's not me who lays down the law, commented a relative of the victim, met on the spot.

Last October, the 40-something woman was found guilty of multiple counts that also included a charge of arson causing property damage. She then went to prison.

She was arrested in August 2019 following a fire in an apartment building that led to the death of a three month old baby. Two other children were also at the scene of the fire.

Her partner, a man in his thirties, was then hospitalized for treatment of serious burns, which eventually left him cost his life a few months later. A second charge of manslaughter was then filed.

A publication ban prevents us from publishing any information that would identify the children of the child. accused, who were taken in charge by the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse.

Other details will follow.

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