2020 shooting in N.S. : RCMP Commissioner's recordings made public | Portapique massacre: Nova Scotia in mourning

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2020 NS shootings. RCMP Commissioner tapes released | Portapique massacre: Nova Scotia in mourning

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

The Commission of Inquiry into the April 2020 shooting in Nova Scotia has found a phone recording of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) top executive, Brenda Lucki.

These are excerpts from a conference call recorded April 28, nine days after the conclusion of a shooting that left 22 people dead in Portapique and surrounding communities.

These excerpts were posted Thursday afternoon on the website of the Mass Loss Commission, a public inquiry that concluded last month.

In this meeting at On the phone, Commissioner Brenda Lucki spoke with Lee Bergerman, then Commander of the RCMP in Nova Scotia, Chief Superintendent Chris Leather, Superintendent Darren Campbell and Director of Strategic Communications Lia Scanlan, among others.

Brenda Lucki talks about a press conference given by the RCMP a few hours earlier. She is heard to say that she expected the details of the firearms used by the killer to be revealed to the public.

Saying herself Frustrated and disappointed, the Commissioner said in the phone conversation that she felt disrespected.

June 21, Halifax< /em>Reviewhad released handwritten notes taken by Superintendent Darren Campbell in the moments following the call with Commissioner Lucki. These notes immediately raised allegations of political interference in a police investigation.

They alleged Brenda Lucki told Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Cabinet from the Prime Minister that the RCMP would release information on firearms used, in an effort to support Bill C-21 on increased gun control.

I tried to explain that no one intended to disrespect anyone. However, the information could not be released at that time. The commissioner then said that it was not understood, that it was related to a gun control bill that would increase the safety of police officers and the public, wrote Darren Campbell.


The killer did not hold a firearms possession and acquisition license as required by Canadian law. He carried out the massacre with two handguns (Ruger P89 and Glock 23), a Colt semi-automatic rifle and a Ruger Mini-14. At least three of these weapons are said to have been smuggled into Canada from the United States.

In the recording released Thursday, Commissioner Lucki is also heard complaining about not x27;not having received the map and timeline of events for April 2020, when she had promised them to then Public Safety Minister Bill Blair.

Notes on this telephone conversation had sparked a debate in the House of Commons, with the Conservative opposition accusing the Liberal government of interfering in the RCMP investigation into the killings.

Earlier this year, Bill Blair and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denied any interference.

According to the report by Adrien Blanc and with information from CBC and La Presse canadienne

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