2023 is a lucrative year for many retirees. Who and when can count on PLN 6,000

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Nothing is more electrifying than the topic of money and finance.

 2023 a lucrative year for many pensioners. Who and when can count on PLN 6,000

That is why the media and the press very often discuss topics related to any changes, announcements and government decisions on wages, subsidies, pensions, and any social benefits and subsidies to pay rises to beneficiaries.

How much pensioners will get in 2023

The amount of the pension forecast after indexation is a constant and court topic that is constantly circulated by the media, TV, radio and press.

Currently, the amount of retirement benefits after indexation in 2023 is falling on the wallpaper. As it turns out, Super Ekspres reports that next year many seniors may experience significant changes for the better in terms of finances.

According to media reports, the value of pension indexation in 2023 may reach a two-digit form. The budget plan highlights an indexation ratio of 13.8%. This may result in such a result in March next year in terms of an increase in disability and retirement benefits. However, it will not apply to everyone.

According to media information, the amount-percentage indexation is to be implemented, which means that beneficiaries receiving minimum pensions will not be able to receive amounts below PLN 250 gross.

In conversion, this means that the retirement pension from PLN 1,338.44 to PLN 1,811 is to increase by the same amount. The indexation index is to apply to other pensions, ie it will probably be 13.8%.

How does this relate to the six thousand pensions? Super Express explains – For example, a person with the lowest pension of PLN 1,300 over 10 months (from March to December 2023) may gain over PLN 4,500, while a person with a pension of PLN 4,000 PLN has an additional nearly 6 thousand. PLN more – read in the description of the tabloid.

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