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2024 brevet results: discover all those admitted by name and academy

“Result of the 2024 patent: discover all those admitted by name and academy”

Lyon, Montpellier, Reims, Nantes, Toulouse…This Thursday, July 11, the academies are giving the results of the 2024 patent. hundreds of thousands of college students. Access the admission lists for free, and the complete results by academy!

Find a DNB result by name or academy

Academy#} Academy of Aix-Marseille#} Academy of Amiens#} Academy of Besançon#} Academy of Bordeaux#} Clermont-Ferrand Academy#} Academy of Corsica#} Créteil Academy#} Dijon Academy#} Academy of Grenoble#} Academy of Guadeloupe#} Academy of Guyana#} Réunion Academy#} Lille Academy#} Limoges Academy#} Academy of Lyon#} Academy of Martinique#} Academy of Mayotte#} Montpellier Academy#} Academy of Nancy-Metz#} Nantes Academy#} Nice Academy#} Academy of Normandy#} Academy of New Caledonia#} Orléans-Tours Academy#} Paris Academy#} Academy of Poitiers#} Academy of French Polynesia#} Reims Academy#} Rennes Academy#} Academy of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon#} Strasbourg Academy#} Toulouse Academy#} Academy of Versailles#} Academy of Wallis and Futuna 2024202320222021202020192018201720162015 The essentials

  • After the written tests for the 2024 patent, the candidates' results are finally accessible: this Thursday, July 11, around fifteen ;academies give grade reports to third grade students.
  • The réresult of the 2024 patent is revealedé on the official website of the academies, but the lists of winners can also be consulted from this page: those admitted are up to date. find using the search engine at the top of the page, by typing a name and/or an academy.
  • The results of the patent are revealed below. different dates and times. They are integrated into our site as soon as they are officially promulgated.

The results of the 2024 patent are already available. available in the following academies:  Amiens / Besançon /Bordeaux/ Corsica / Dijon /& ;nbsp;Limoges /Lyon / Mayotte / Montpellier / Nancy-Metz / Normandy /& nbsp;Orléans-Tours /Reims / Rennes / Strasbourg / Toulouse

Date and time of patent results 2024 à come

  • Aix-Marseille: July 12   4 p.m.
  • Clermont-Ferrand: July 12   2 p.m.
  • Créteil : July 12   11am
  • Grenoble: July 11   5 p.m.
  • Guadeloupe: July 11   11am (local)
  • Lille: July 12   1 p.m.
  • Martinique: July 11   11am (local)
  • Nantes: July 11   6 p.m.
  • Nice: July 11   3 p.m.
  • Paris: July 12   11am
  • Poitiers: July 11   5 p.m.
  • Versailles: July 12   11am


15:37 – Late in the Nice academy

While the Nice Academy had announced publish patent results 2 p.m., they are finally still not available. Yesterday other academies had also been late in publishing the results but they had finally arrived. So we shouldn't worry about it.

15:18 – Lyon is among the academies where ;ugrave; there are the most mentions

In the race for the best results, the Lyon Academy is placed second 5th position in the ranking of academies with the highest success rates with honors. With its 77.69% of mentions in the Brevet, it finds itself just behind the Rennes Academy but well ahead of all the others, whose results are already in line with the results of the Rennes Academy. Ià known. 

Did the Niçois succeed in their 2024 patent ? Did they win their 2024 patent? a mention ? To find out, go to the page dedicated to the Nice Academy to discover the list of candidates and their results.

14 :55 – Is the patent given? à everyone ?

The issue is thorny because already in 2021, teachers were complaining about the demand for “benevolence” in the corrections of the brevet. But since then, a progressive reform has been launched, and aims to make obtaining the brevet mandatory for the transition to high school at from the start of the 2025 school year. In the future, examiners may therefore be less flexible with their grading so as not to risk sending a student with too much difficulty to high school.

14:36 ​​- Which academy has the lowest success rate this year ?

For the time being, not all academies have yet published the results of their candidates for the 2024 brevet, but among those that have already put this data online, we see that it is the Reims Academy that has the lowest success rate. With 83.96% of brevet graduates, it is currently the only academy with position itself below the 84% success rate.

14:15 – Lyon exceeds 90% success rate for the 2024 brevet

The results fell for the Lyonnais. So who succeeded in this? have the certificate ? Out of 6640 candidates, 5834 obtained the diploma, i.e. 90.59% success rate. Good results which are very slightly down compared to the previous year. 2023 (91.27%). 77.69% reached & get a mention. 

Who picked upé his patent à Lyon ? The verdict is finally in. The list of candidates and their results is available on the page dedicated to the competition. l'académie de Lyon.

13:45 – What result of the 2024 patent this after? afternoon ?

The results of the 2024 patent of half of the The academies which were to reveal them today have fallen. So there are still seven left this afternoon, starting with Lyon & 2 p.m. There will then be Nice à 3 p.m., Poitiers, Grenoble, Martinique and Guadeloupe & 5 p.m., then finally  Nantes à 6 p.m. 

1:35 p.m. – The results of the 2024 Lyon patent will be published ;voilés

At 2 p.m., the Lyon Academy should unveil the results of the 2024 patent This is one of the great academies that reveals its results today. So who will have passed the exam ?

13:25 – Results of the 2024 patent rather stable Bordeaux

The students of the Bordeaux academy have had the verdict. Who picked up? the patent ? For 13,756 candidates, 12,090 passed; the diploma, a success rate of 87.89%, slightly below that of last year. (88.49%). Conversely, the mention rate has improved a little; : 72.37% instead of 70.16%

13:16 – What do the stats say about the 2024 patent à Montpellier ?

The students of the Montpellier academy have had their results. For 7944 candidates, the success rate was high. 87.39% compared to 88.59% last year. 72.82% dropped out a mention fairly good, good or very good.

Who picked up the prize? his patent in the Bordeaux Academy ? The results are finally available. Find the list of candidates and their results on the page dedicated to the competition. the academy of Bordeaux. 

12:45 – The prep-secondary: passing in high school without having the certificate

For the 2024-25 school year in second class, obtaining the DNB is not yet compulsory, which means that a student who & ;eac;fails &at; having your 2024 certificate is not obligatory; to repeat. But something new This year, these students will be able to go through the "prepa-second" box. This class should allow them to consolidate their knowledge before moving on to second grade. the following school year. À note that access à This intermediate class, between the third and the second, is based on the voluntary participation of the students, nothing obliges them to do so. do not go directly to second.

12:25 – The results of the 2024 patent à Bordeaux is approaching!

Who has succeeded in achieving this? have the patent in the Bordeaux academy ? The results will not be long in coming. They will be available here and on the page dedicated to the academy of Bordeaux. 

Linternaute.com invites you to find the lists of those admitted by academy on this page this Thursday, July 11. It's completely free and above all very simple. A word of explanation to find a particular patent result. Find the search engine at the top of this article. Ça, it's easy. Next, enter a name, yours or that of a candidate you know. You can then click on “Search”, but even better: filter before that by academy name. With this method, the names of those admitted will appear in an instant. Then, if you click on a name, the diploma will appear, and it is even there. share with your loved ones!

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Brevet results by academy

  • Patent result Académie d'Aix-Marseille
  • Patent result Académie d'Amiens
  • Patent result Académie de Besançon
  • Patent result Académie de Bordeaux
  • Patent result Académie de Caen
  • Patent result Académie de Clermont-Ferrand
  • Patent result Académie de Corse
  • Patent result Académie de Créteil
  • Patent result Académie de Dijon
  • Patent result Académie de Grenoble
  • Patent result Académie de la Guadeloupe
  • Brevet result Academy of Guyana
  • Brevet result Academy of La Réunion
  • Brevet result Academy of Lille
  • Brevet result Academy of Limoges
  • Brevet result Academy of Lyon
  • Brevet result Academy of Martinique
  • Brevet result Academy of Mayotte
  • Brevet result Academy of Montpellier
  • Brevet result Academy of Nancy-Metz
  • Brevet result Academy of Nantes
  • Brevet result Academy of Nice
  • Brevet result Academy of New Caledonia
  • Brevet result Academy of Orleans-Tours
  • Patent result Académie de Paris
  • Patent result Académie de Poitiers
  • Patent result Académie de Polynésie Française
  • Patent result Académie de Reims
  • Patent result Académie de Rennes
  • Patent result Académie de Rouen
  • Patent result Academy of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
  • Patent result Strasbourg Academy
  • Patent result Académie de Toulouse
  • Patent result Académie de Versailles
  • Patent result Academy of Wallis and Futuna

The patent is noted out of 800 points in total, combining continuous monitoring and end-of-year tests. You need at least the average to obtain the diploma, i.e. a minimum of 400 points.

Continuous assessment is taken into account in grading, including projects completed in class, and beyond. like the EPI (Interdisciplinary Practical Teaching). The assessment of the common core is based on eight skills, each of which is assessed using e in the school report à across four levels of points:  

  • 10 points for îinsufficient"mastery"
  • 25 points for a îfragile"mastery"
  • 40 pointsfor "satisfactory"
  • 50 points for a "very good" master's degree

If the student manages to accumulate 50 points everywhere, he or she has reached the maximum possible for the continuous control part of the patent, i.e. 400 points. So, he already gets the job done. half points. You can consult the details of the common core skills on the website of the Ministry of National Education.

The final exams for the college certificate therefore represent the other half of the test. of the total patent scale each year, graded out of 400 points. There are four written tests: French and maths are graded out of 100 while history-geography and science are graded out of 100. Evaluated out of 50. An oral graded out of 100 completes the exam. The latter consists of a presentation of 15 minutes dividedé in two parts: 5 minutes of presentation of a developed project. during the year and 10 minutes of interview with the jury. The present project was é worked during interdisciplinary practical lessons or the third-year internship in a company.

How to obtain a mention in the college certificate?

The three mentions of the college certificate correspond to à different levels of points obtained beyond of the average of 400 points out of 800:

  • Mention fairly good: more than 480 points
  • Mention good: more than 560 points
  • Mention very good: more than 640 points

Mentions "regional language", "college series, international option" and "Franco-German option" also exist. More information at this subject on the Onisep website, the National Information Office on teaching and professions, a public establishment under the supervision of the ministry ;era of education.

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