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2024 legislative elections, live: Rachida Dati's bloodshed

“Legislative elections 2024, live: Rachida Dati's bloodshed”

The Minister of Culture Rachida Dati had a tense exchange with journalists from France Inter who interviewed her this Tuesday, June 18. She estimated that they were not listening to him.

The essentials

  • The official campaign for the early legislative elections, which will be held on June 30 and July 7, has begun. Monday June 17. It will end on June 28. 
  • Rachida Dati accusedé journalists from France Inter not to listen to him and to be in their "small comfort". 
  • According to a latest Ifop survey for LCI, the National Rally is given favorite ahead of the New Popular Front whose voting intentions are increasing. The alliance between Eric Ciotti and the RN is at stake. less than 5%. 
  • Jordan Bardella, given favorite of these elections, affirmed, in an interview with Le Parisien, that the pension reform would be repealed “from now on”. ;#39;autumn". He also announced that the ban on the Islamic veil in public places was no longer a priority. He also returned to the abolition of VAT on the basic necessities, sending it back to the customer. "a second time". 
  • As for à Matignon, Jordan Bardella also asked its conditions: it will only be granted in the event of a majority. absolute. 


13:17 – The president of the FFF reacts to Mbapp's positions; and Thuram

"I guarantee players the freedom of expression (…) it's very good, &cced it is part of the civic duty to go and vote (…) I respect these positions, but I don't have any voting instructions à to give to the French, I am president of a federation (…) we must ensure that we a principle of neutrality “which means that our federation brings together the French in their diversity, including opinions”, affirmed Philippe Diallo, president of the French Football Federation. 

13:01 – The State of Palestine "immediately" recognized if the New Popular Front wins, affirms Mélenchon

"If the New Popular Front wins, weîwill recognize imm" “immediately the State of Palestine to influence Netanyahu,” wrote LFI leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon on X.

12:47 – François Ruffin accuses the RN of seeking à hide his program

"Marine Le Pen's campaign site for the 2022 presidential election,  mlafrance.fr, has & summer disabled. It was still active last week. Why ? is the far right seeking to hide your program &agrav; a few days of the legislative elections ? In particular his denials on retirement 60 years old ?", asks François Ruffin on X, formerly twitter. 

 "I know you're not listening to me," the Minister of Culture to journalists who questioned her on France Inter. "Yes, yes", replied presenter Nicolas Demorand. "We're preparing the next question, that's normal", explained" journalist Yaël Goosz. "So you’énot listening to the answer," Rachida Dati. "It’s neither-nor", then estimatedé Yaël Goosz to underline the fact that the left and the far right were equivalent, according to Rachida Dati. "No, you’re summarizing ! Stop Mr. Goosz, it’s comfortable! You are comfortable… Go tell that to the technicians of your radio, and to the secretaries and all the people I greet every day, each time", launchedé the minister. "What is the connection ?"? the journalist. "When they are privatized, go and tell them in your little comfort: then, it’s neither-nor. What are you waiting for, the right sentence? I'm on the bottom. I defend my country, I defend its values. I defend the country which allowed me to be in front of you today, replied the guest ;e.

12:10 – “We can clearly see that in the National Assembly, we were no longer able to move a file forward”, deplores Darmanin

“We can clearly see that in the National Assembly, we were no longer able to move a file forward (…) we wanted to say something to the President of the Republic, to slap him, there are no other words, and at we too who are responsible”, acknowledged the Minister of the Interior on France bleu Nord. 

11:54 – At the New Popular Front, a Prime Minister chosen by a vote or by the majority group ? 

Manuel Bompard, coordinator of France Insoumise, wants the majority group within the New Popular Front to choose the Prime Minister, in the event of a victory by the left-wing alliance. On the same day, the Secretary General of the PS Olivier Faure had nevertheless put forward the possibility of a vote by the elected representatives of the new majority.

11:26 – Who are the candidates for the legislative elections in the 7th constituency of Val-de-Marne ?

In this constituency in the Paris region which includes Chevilly-Larue, Fresnes, L'Hayuml-les-Roses and Thiais, the outgoing rebellious deputy, Rachel Keke, is threatened by the RN, which did well in the European elections. Here are all the candidates for these 2024 legislative elections:

  • Rachel Keke (New Popular Front)
  • Vincent Jeanbrun (LR)
  • Claude Ledion (RN)
  • Florence de la Ruelle (Reconquest)
  • Rachel Castin
  • Claire Maury

10:56 – Pension reform repealed within 15 days if the New Popular Front wins< /h3>

"We will repeal the pension reform within fifteen days of our coming to power on July 7," oacute; Marine Tondelier, national secretary of Ecologists, on BFMTV, who criticized the changes in the discourse of the National Rally. "It's the 'at the same time' “National Rally version”, she laments, while she affirms that her alliance is “clear on the subject”. < /p>

10:42 – A "block war" denounced by Bruno Retailleau

According to Bruno Retailleau, leader of LR senators on BFMTV, the French political landscape ;but is currently defined by a “war of the blocks”, with “a large central block of two radical wings”. contrary &agrav; the mind and the practice of the Fifth Republic”, and could “divide the French and the electorate into three, which makes a majority not found", imagines Bruno Retailleau. 

10:28 – "When we promise a dream , çit always ends in a nightmare", says Elisabeth Borne

"We must propose credible, concrete, rapid solutions. When we promise a dream, çit always ends in a nightmare" , affirmedé former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on France Bleu Normandie. 

10:10 – "A refusal of obstacles" by Jordan Bardella, according to Gabriel Attal

"We have seen for several days, regarding Jordan Bardella, that there is less in fewer programs and more and more conditions. It starts à look like & a refusal of obstacles", launchedé Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on France Info.

09:42 – 4% of voting intentions for the RN-Eric Ciotti alliance

For the first time, an Ifop survey differentiated between the candidates of the RN-Eric Ciotti alliance from those of the LR. The former obtain 4% of voting intentions and the latter 5%. 

09:19 – Mathilde Panot "fière" of the candidacy of the activist registered S

"I think the left is diverse, plural. I am proud to also have anti-fascist forces in our New Popular Front, affirmed Mathilde Panot, outgoing LFI MP for Val-de-Marne, on France 2. Raphaël Arnault, anti-fascist and notorious S, will not be supported by the New Popular Front. 

08:58 – "It is no longer the National gathering is national denial,” says Bruno Le Maire

"We are a little stunned. All the measures that had been taken proposed during the campaign of Europeans have disappeared, it is no longer the national gathering, it is the national denial,” assures the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Mayor on the TF1 set. 

08:35 – Eric Ciotti denounces a "diktat" which "prevented the right from uniting"

On the set of RTL, Eric Ciotti asserts that'&quot ;a form of political revolution has taken hold. I wanted to break down these walls that had been destroyed. artificially erected and which prevented the right from uniting while nothing bothers the left, including with the most dangerous of the Rebels (…) there was a kind of diktat preventing the right from uniting, we broke it. this taboo and I am very happy about it,” he says.

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Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly just minutes after the announcement of the first estimates of the results of the European elections on Sunday, June 9. A “serious, heavy” decision taken in light of the National Rally's overwhelming victory in the European elections. “I trust the French people to make the fairest choice for themselves and for future generations. “I have heard your message, your concerns, and I will not leave them unanswered,” declared the President of the Republic. With this decision, and the call for Article 12 of the Constitution of the 5th Republic, Emmanuel Macron has de facto acted on the organization of early legislative elections aimed at forming a new National Assembly.

The French are therefore called upon to take action. vote in new legislative elections which will arrive quickly, very quickly, since the Constitution provides for new elections within 20 years. ;agrave; 40 days following dissolution. Emmanuel Macron has already stopé the dates of the election: the first round of the 2024 legislative elections will be held on Sunday June 30, followed by the second round a week later, on Sunday July 7, 2024. Either less than three weeks after the head of state's announcement. Why so early ? Well because in addition to the deadline provided for by the Constitution, the agenda for the coming months is full of questions. particularly with the start of the Olympic Games and the arrival of school holidays, which limited the options for organizing the ballots. 

From the day after the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly and the elections organization the ;legislative, the different parties have entered into the campaign, which will be express with &àgrave; barely three weeks between the announcement and the polls. The first key step is is that of the submission of applications whose deadline was set for Sunday June 16, to allow for the submission of applications. the official campaign to begin on Monday June 17 and respect the two weeks of campaigning before an election.

For these 2024 legislative elections, the left has beené the first to call a union and even à the formation of a "new popular front" from June 10. After several days of discussions, the four left-wing forces found their solution. an agreement to present only one single candidate in the 577 constituencies in the first round. According to this agreement LFI will present 229 candidates, the PS will have 175, EELV will have 92 and the PCF will have 50.

On the right, alliances have also been added. announced, but with turmoil. The president of the Les Républicains party, Eric Ciotti, proposed an alliance with the National Rally, which showed itself to be very supportive. inclined &agrav; a rapprochement. But the majority LR members oppose this agreement and demand the dismissal of Eric Ciotti. The Zemmourist Reconquˆte party also attempted to to get closer to the RN via Marion Maréchal, but the Lepéist party refused to do so. any alliance. Eric Zemmour announced Only 330 candidates out of 577 constituencies.

Face &agrav; these two alliances in formation, the majorityé presidential office reacts. Emmanuel Macron sought; à expand its majority to the forces he considers to be part of the Republican arc, in particular the socialist left reactive to the alliance with LFI and the right of the Republicans rejecting the agreement with the RN. He especially castigated the extreme left and the extreme right and denounced "unnatural" alliances.

The first polls on the results of the 2024 legislative elections have started. à be published the day after the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly. The studies currently give the advantage to the National Rally with more than 30% of voting intentions. The Union of the Left comes in second position in voting intentions with a little over 20% and the majority of votes. presidential vote is only given in third position below the 20% mark. The same studies therefore logically grant more seats to the RN.

According to studies by the various institutes, the RN would become the majority group with 220 and 270 seats (compared to 89 currently). The left alliance would form the second force with 150 to 500 troops. 190 seats (compared to 153) and the majority group presidential election would lose power with 90% 130 seats (compared to 249). The Republicans would move on to 30 or 40 seats (compared to 74).

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