22 people died in an accident with a tourist bus in Tunisia. Embassy of the Russian Federation, figures out whether there were Russians (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

22 человека погибли в ДТП с туристическим автобусом в Тунисе. Посольство РФ, выясняет, были ли там россияне (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

At least 22 people died as a result of a traffic accident involving a tourist bus in the North-West of Tunisia.

The bus belonged to a private travel Agency and went from the capital to the town of ain Dram.

In total there were 43 passengers, including schoolchildren. According to preliminary data, the bus overturned on the road and rolled down a steep slope down from the village of ain-Sanussi.

The Tunisian interior Ministry established a special Commission to investigate the incident, reports TASS.

About the nationality of tourists is not reported.

The Russian Embassy in Tunisia said in his Twitter that finds out whether there are among victims in road accident are Russian citizens.

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