25 days in jail for taking dinosaur fossils in B.C.

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25 days in jail for taking dinosaur fossils in BC.

This site includes fossils of dinosaurs that roamed this terrain about 125 millions of years ago.

A man who unearthed dinosaur fossils in a protected area in northern British Columbia has been sentenced to nearly one month in jail.

A provincial court judgment released this week found that Bennward Dale Ingram pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful archaeological digging on protected land under the Lands Act. The Albertan must also pay a fine of $15,000.

During the summer of 2020, the 39-year-old man and three other people used power tools and a sledgehammer during over two hours on the Six Peaks Dinosaur Track. This site is near Hudson's Hope, just over 350 km northeast of Prince George.

The document also indicates that large pieces of fossil have been removed, damaged or destroyed. The power tools include a portable generator, air compressor and air chisel.

The judgment states that Mr. Ingram, who lives in Alberta, and his companions stopped only when witnesses appeared before them.

The Six Peaks Dinosaur Track has been protected by law since 2016. Discovered in 2008, it is filled with fossils over nearly 750 square meters.< /p>

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