26 things a mother should pass on to her daughter. Which will guarantee a happy life

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Everyone should learn from their mistakes.

 26 things that a mother should pass on to her mother. What will guarantee a happy life

But children are everything to us and we want to make them happy and ease the thorny path in adulthood . Here are a few tips for a baby from a loving mother.

What should every woman hear from her mother?

Learn to love yourself. School is a stage in everyone's life, but it is not something worth dwelling on. Everything is ahead of us!
You'll meet bad girls in your life. Ignore them and stay as far as possible. Happiness is not in things. Never judge anyone, but be prepared to be judged constantly by others.

Problems are not the end of the world. Everything is solvable. Never compete with others. You are unique. Never lose yourself, even if you love someone very much. No is a word you must know and use. Don't impose yourself on a man. He himself needs to attract attention and gain your sympathy.

Don't be alone. Find happiness in your current role. You are free and you cannot be someone else's property. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and failures. Always learn from them. Never send private information to anyone. Sooner or later it will be made public. Do good deeds, it brings joy and happiness.

Less, act! Actions speak for themselves. Never hide your feelings, let them out.
Don't forget those who really love you. I want to cry, Cry! Get carried away and a solution will be found very quickly. Smile more and have fun – it is a medicine for the soul.

Home is where the people who love you are, not where you live now.
Never be. To apologize first is a sign of strength, not weakness. You can share anything with me. I will always be with you and I will support you.
I will always love you! Do not underestimate yourself, you can carry your heads.
You are very beautiful! Nobody has the right to make you feel different.

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