270 missing in Seoul tragedy still pending identification

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 Identification still pending of 270 disappeared in the tragedy in Seoul

Seoul authorities announced today that more than 270 cases are being investigated of disappearances of people related to the stampede during the Halloween celebrations on the eve, which has left at least 149 dead and 76 injured.

The South Korean police are trying to identify the missing persons among the victims of the accident, of which some 45 died on the spot and more than a hundred were declared dead after being transferred to several hospitals in the capital.

Among the 76 injured, there are 19 in serious condition, so it is feared that the final balance of fatalities will increase, according to the official. n reported the Yongsan District Fire Department.

The apparent stampede took place around 10:22 p.m. local timeSaturday (13:22 GMT) in the vicinity of the Hamilton Hotel, in front of the Itaewon subway station.

The incident is believed to have taken place in an alley on a slope, about four meters wide and close to the aforementioned hotel.

According to witnesses cited by South Korean media, a collective fall occurred at the top of the slope , which caused a chain avalanche.

At the moment the reason why it originated is unknown. the stampede. The local media echo testimonies that talk about the presence of a famous person in the area that would have attracted a crowd or the circulation of narcotics.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said that at the moment no case of drug use has been detected in connection with the incident, and has opened an investigation to check if the businesses in the area complied with the security regulations.

Every year the neighborhood of Itaewon, adjacent to a US military base and a well-known nightlife area, becomes the busiest place to celebrate Hallowen in Seoul, and according to local media, thousands of people would have gathered on its streets on this occasion.