3 and 13 December: a period of “light strips of destiny” for the three signs of the Zodiac

3 по 13 декабря: период «светлой полосы судьбы» для трех знаков Зодиака

Astrologers predicted a period of great and bright bands of fate, which will be held on the starry sky in the period from 3 to 13 December.

It will affect your energy field three signs of the Zodiac, but others we can expect interesting developments in this period.

At this time there will be a lot of decisive and memorable actions aimed at improving the quality of life.

No matter under what star you were born exactly in between 3 and 13 December, you should carefully observe the signs of Destiny.

It will give very important tips and can and does turn the tide of your life in a completely new direction.

Three signs of the Zodiac will be lucky this time, and they will have absolutely no barriers, you get all our plans!

From 3 to 13 Dec there will be new people, new ideas, many of which will be simply brilliant and will bring a lot of surprises.

The more of Affairs and events you are planning at this point, the greater the chance for a happy life in the future.

In the period of the white stripes need to carry out important transactions to start your own business, negotiations, business and personal events.

This time well pass engagements, first dates, reconciliation, conception, and everything that you could not or did not dare to do.

From December 3 to start a big white stripe for Capricorn, and on the 13th it will not end, but just continue the good moments are not as noticeable.

During the specified period will happen as many bright events, in the background of everything else will not be so outstanding.

Especially great things will be in the family of Goats that have just experienced loss or difficulties, they will become much easier.

On 3 December they will open the doors to the magical land of dreams, about which they had long dreamed of, and life will improve!

Astrologers believe that from 3 to 13 December, the life of the Twins will not be what it was before, dark colors are replaced with bright colors.

Will appear beautiful love, and you will be able to write a new story, a new novel with great development.

The twins already written a fabulous novel of love, start a new hobby, a hobby which they will collaborate with a partner.

This hobby will help you to bring relations to a new level of development, in this period between you will break out of the extinguished flame.

The lions star’s promise, the company is large and bright stripes, which will directly affect the financial side of life.

In the field of work and career you will reach a great height, you will appreciate the boss will give the promotion, equivalent to several salaries.

Between 3 and 13 December will be successful in everything, you will succeed in creativity and in business, you will easily get victory.

The more successful you will become during this period, the more happiness and joy will bring you in 2020!

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