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3 crazy figures about the future of the video games industry

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Some good news and some bad news. This is what we can take away from this report by Midia Research which looked at the future of the video games industry by 2030. Let's start with the glass half empty: growth of the sector undoubtedly reached its peak in 2020 and 2021, in the middle of the Covid pandemic which considerably boosted demand. However, the players in this sector would be wrong to be defeatist, the proof in three figures.

$301.2 billion in turnover

This is the total revenue that the video game industry should generate according to expert forecasts. An important development since Midia Research only has $223.1 billion in global turnover in 2023.

To explain this progression, analysts cite the possible rise of virtual reality which has not yet said its last word. In-game advertising is also expected to increase quite sharply. A prospect that should displease many gamers.

318.5 million subscription service customers

To explain the growth of the sector, the number of subscribers to video game services is also mentioned. It could be around 318.5 million by 2030. This means an increase of 7.5% for 22.7 billion dollars in revenue per year.

< p>Which makes the authors say that subscriptions “will significantly affect the trajectory of global gaming revenues for the next decade”.

176, $9 billion in gaming spending

This figure, if realized, would mean a 70% increase in current revenues in this area. Of this total, no less than $105.5 billion per year is spent on cosmetics. No doubt, titles like Fortnite, or LoL still have a bright future ahead of them.

Experts believe that players who have gotten into the habit of paying for skins from a very young age will perpetuate this practice as they age, which will contribute to the growth of this economic model.

On this subject, analysts comment&nbsp ;: “As consumers spend more of their lives in digital environments, their need to define their image, personality and identity digitally also increases. Unlike paying for a game, paying for image and identity definition can be largely unlimited, providing greater potential” .

What do you think of these figures, do they confirm your feelings as a player?? Tell us in the comments.

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