3rd link: a project “for the people of Quebec” according to Maïté Blanchette-Vézina | Elections Quebec 2022

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3rd link : a project “for the people of Quebec” according to Maïté Blanchette-Vézina | Élections Québec 2022

The third link linking Quebec and Lévis is a flagship project of the Coalition avenir Québec (archives).

The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec, François Legault, presented the third Quebec-Lévis link as a “necessary” project for all of eastern Quebec, but his candidate in the Rimouski riding for the October 3 election prefers to avoid discussing it publicly.

Asked about the need for such a project for the citizens of the riding, Maïté Blanchette-Vézina rather indicated that the tunnel was mainly a project for the people of Quebec.

Here at Rimouski, what people talk to me about is the extension of Autoroute 20. […] I'm going to talk about Autoroute 20 because that's what people talk to me about, a- she said during a press scrum.

The CAQ candidate in the riding of Rimouski, Maïté Blanchette-Vézina, prefers to debate the relevance of extending the Highway 20 in Bas-Saint-Laurent (archives).

The CAQ candidate will therefore leave it to others to debate the third link.

In May 2021, François Legault aroused the ire of regional elected officials in eastern Quebec by underlining the importance that this project could have for the citizens of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Côte-Nord and Gaspésie.

The then mayor of Baie-Comeau and now the CAQ candidate in the riding of René-Lévesque, Yves Montigny then indicated that he did not understand how an additional Quebec-Lévis link [could] be good for citizens of his city.

Mr. Montigny then stressed that a priority for the government should rather be a functional crossing between Matane, Godbout and Baie-Comeau.

Before being a candidate for the CAQ, Maïté Blanchette-Vézina was notably mayor of the municipality of Sainte-Luce, at the forefront of the effects of global warming on coastal erosion.

His refusal to comment on the Quebec–Lévis third link project is worrying, according to the Parti Québécois candidate for the riding of Rimouski, Samuel Ouellet.

All the more [.. .] when the same candidate refuses to participate in a debate on the environment in Rimouski, underlined Mr. Ouellet in a publication on Twitter.

The candidate of Québec solidaire (QS) , Carol-Ann Kack also reacted on Twitter, recalling that the position of the CAQ was to “move forward” with the third link while QS opposes it.

With information from Michel-Félix Tremblay

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