3rd link: the CAQ candidate in Matane–Matapédia contradicts his leader | Elections Quebec 2022

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3rd link: the CAQ candidate in Matane–Matapédia contradicts his leader | Élections Quebec 2022

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Prime Minister Legault has already argued among the arguments already put forward to build a tunnel connecting the two shores that it will also be useful for the population of Eastern Quebec (file photo).

During the debate held Tuesday evening in Amqui, the candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) in Matane–Matapédia, Jean-Sébastien Barriault, agreed that a third link to Québec was not necessary for the inhabitants of his constituency.

This statement contradicts what his leader, François Legault, said in 2021.

Outgoing MP and Parti Québécois (PQ) candidate, Pascal Bérubé, took advantage of the debate to hound Jean-Sébastien Barriault on the controversial 3rd link project in the Capitale-Nationale region, put forward by the CAQ.

Finally the CAQ candidate gave his opinion: I'm not sure that the 3rd link will facilitate transport for the people of Amqui…

During the debate, the three candidates were able to discuss issues of economy, health, agriculture, and issues related to community and caribou protection.

< p class="e-p">The Québec solidaire candidate, Marie-Phare Boucher, was particularly critical of the CAQ in the matter of protecting the mountain caribou in Gaspésie.

We should do so much more. In four years, if nothing changes, we will talk about the last individuals who will be in the Chic-Chocs mountains, she fears.

Jean-Sébastien Barriault agreed that more needs to be done to protect mountain caribou, but also stressed the importance of allowing industry to exploit the region's forest resources. The position of the CAQ is to find a balance, he argues.

Even though he was in opposition for the past four years, the outgoing MP, Pascal Bérubé, of the PQ, was questioned about his record in the transfer of civil servant posts in the region.

The QS candidate led the charge. I understand that you have a very good record, but nothing has changed on this point, says Marie-Phare Boucher.

I was the only MP to demand accountability [on the CAQ's promise to decentralize 5,000 jobs to the regions]. It is more the CAQ that should be questioned on how many jobs of the 5000 have been decentralized to Bas-Saint-Laurent, defended Pascal Bérubé.

In response, Jean-Sébastien Barriault assured that 2000 jobs have already been decentralized to the regions, without giving the precise number in the constituency. He insisted on the fact that the CAQ intended to continue the process, particularly in the health sector.

There is a desire to bring decision-makers back to our establishments, to the interior of the region, and which are not just in Rimouski, but here in Amqui, in Matane, he maintains.

Finally, the prefect of the MRC de La Matapédia, Chantale Lavoie, challenged the candidates on the issue of tax diversification for municipalities, a repeated request from the Union of Quebec Municipalities.

The Conservative candidate, Alexandre Leblanc , who lives in Sept-Îles, says he was unable to attend the debate for family reasons.

For his part, the Liberal candidate, Harley Lounsbury, whose validity of the application was not confirmed, nor was it present.

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