4 “folk” antiseptics that don't really work


July 23, 2022, 11:01 | Medicine

What can people come up with to save money and get a “miracle drug”.


What can people come up with to save money and get a “miracle drug” that kills germs and viruses instantly. "Trust but verify" — this rule should be adopted and not rush to buy products that do not contain anything that will really protect. Here, for example, are antiseptics popular among the people, the effectiveness of which doctors question, especially when it comes to protection against viruses, informs Ukr.Media.


Products with an alcohol content above 60% are suitable for complete disinfection. But substances with a high alcohol content strongly dry the skin of the hands. It “gets tanned”, loses its natural microflora and rapid regeneration, so it is not worth using vodka as a household antiseptic. Do not pour vodka and alcohol on the wounds – you will burn the skin and make it worse. And it is all the more useless to drink a stack of vodka a day to improve immunity. “It is better to drink 100-200 grams of red wine,” doctors advise.


Iodine solution is often gargled for disinfection. But it is absolutely not worth doing. Even a small amount can burn the mucous membrane of the throat, and also lead to disturbances in the work of the thyroid gland. It is also not necessary to apply iodine to damaged skin – there is a great risk of getting a burn. If there is nothing at hand except iodine, it is better to dilute it in water. In no case do not bandage or cover a wound treated with iodine with a patch. But you shouldn't remove it from the first-aid kit either – it burns well (for example, acne) and stimulates blood flow to bumps and swelling.


In our country, potassium permanganate is prohibited, but many people still have jars of this blue-black powder at home. Potassium permanganate disinfects only in a strong concentration, but such a substance strongly irritates the mucous membrane and will harm the skin, so it cannot be used. It will not help in the treatment of premises, things and will not affect viruses in any way.

Salicylic and formic acids

These tools really work, but only they can cause more damage. Acids destroy the respiratory tract, cause burns, and irritate the organs of vision. The risk is not justified, given that there are simpler and safer ways to protect yourself.

If there is no antiseptic at hand, you can use dishwashing liquid – according to Dr. Yevhen Komarovsky, all substances that dissolve fat will help and from infection, because they break the lipid layer of viruses. And it is already more effective than thorough hand washing with soap, while nothing has been invented.


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