49-year-old Katarzyna Sokołowska showed the first photos of the child. She also advised how she is feeling


A fashion expert reports on her health.

 49-year-old Katarzyna Sokołowska showed the first photos of the child. She also advised how she feels

A few days ago, the media spread the happy news about Katarzyna Sokołowska, which she published his first child to the world.

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our Instagram profile, thanks to which we were able to closely follow the course of her pregnancy and how her body is changing.

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Since she praised her blessed state, frequently updated reports on the course of pregnancy and her state of health.

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Many fans and sympathizers in the fashion connoisseur were very worried about her and the baby because of her age.

Fortunately, the 49-year-old was overjoyed and did not give up on motherhood. Now JastrzabPost reports that the TVN star is calming Internet users on Instagram.

In the latest post, apart from the information about the birth of the baby, we learn that it is a little boy. In the photo published by the proud mother, we see two pink mothers of a newborn, and in the comments section we can read a whole avalanche of congratulations and sincere expressions of relief and recognition for the 49-year-old mother.

Post from Kasia Sokołowska (@kasiasokolowska_official)

media that she is aware of the limitations of the organism of a person her age, but her well-being and taking care of her health make her confident that everything will be fine – clear, I am aware of the limitations, it is a matter of biology, organism efficiency. It is known that after the age of 25 the so-called ovarian reservation. I was aware of this when I was planning my pregnancy (& hellip;). I am healthy, in great shape, doctors say that I am biologically younger than my birth certificate. I take care of myself, I test myself. I really believe that I will be dancing at my son's wedding – she said then in one of the interviews.


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