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5 anime to watch in anticipation of the summer

5 anime to watch in anticipation of summer

In Japan, summer often brings with it festivals, barbecues and fireworks. In France, we can count on anime to share these moments with us. Here are five must-watch anime this summer!

Whether you're more into chilling under a tree at the campsite or enjoying bonfires on the beach, summertime has a certain magic you can't find at any other time of the year. But although summer hasn’t officially started yet, plenty of anime give us a glimpse of Japanese traditions at this time of year.

With a few exceptions, plenty of anime related to summer tend to have a happy ending. This period is precisely ideal to focus on the characters and bring them out of their usual comfort zone. When the characters are students, integrating summer into the story makes it possible to show the characters from a new narrative angle. The barbecue scenes or days at the beach are then the privileged moments to add a carefree and light side to the initial story. Here are five must-watch anime to prepare for summer!


It’s in 2009 thatAmanchu, published in France by Ki-oon , appears in the preprint magazine Comic Blade. Since then, the manga has managed to release no less than 17 volumes, the last volume being released in France on May 12. It’s the perfect example of sports manga and slice of life. The story is also very instructive on the world of scuba diving, while developing each of the characters.

Amanchuis the story of the encounter between two young girls, Hikari, a diving fan, and Futaba, a new arrival on the island of Shizuoka. Futaba is actually a shy young woman, but who, against all odds, will attract the attention of Hikari, who is the exact opposite and who decides to take this newcomer under her wing. She will then introduce him to the joys and pleasures of scuba diving. Amanchu is not only a must see, but also a manga to read. Indeed, beyond betting on a story of friendship, history teaches us a lot about ourselves and that we sometimes have to know how to let ourselves be dragged into the depths.


Do you like fishing? Do you like dancing? Do you like aliens? Then Tsuritama is for you! Indeed, released in 2012 and created by Aniplexand A-1 Pictures Inc, this anime is a crazy interplanetary story. Between sports lessons, magnificent animation and lively music, Tsuritamahas everything to be one of the must-see anime for the summer. The story follows Sanada Yuki, a lonely teenager, as he moves to the city of Enoshima alongside his grandmother. Yuki does not really hope for a major change in his life, especially since he is plagued with social anxiety. When the young boy tries to interact with others, he is seized with a violent feeling of drowning.

Strangely, Yuki isn't the weirdest new student. Indeed, Haru walks around, fishing rod in hand and tells anyone who will listen that he is an alien. Until the day when the paths of the young boys will cross, and Haru will then decide to choose Yuki to help him save the world, just that. Poor Yuki sees his life turned upside down overnight. Tsuritama proves to be a humorous, yet extremely heartwarming anime. The story beautifully addresses events that can only take place in the summer months, giving viewers a chance to enjoy it too.


Available on Amazon Prime Video, Aohanais an especially sad anime since it focuses on old friendships and the memories attached to them. There's no better way than this anime to remind you how important friends are. Jin, Menma, Poppo Anaru, Yukiatsu, and Tsuruko were young children who, in their games, turned into Super Defenders of Peace. But Menma dies one day tragically. A death that all his friends blame themselves for.

Jin occasionally sees the ghost of the little girl, now a teenager, which has alienated him from everyone. Nevertheless, he is determined to fulfill Menma's wish: to reunite his old friends. Jin is indeed convinced that by allowing his reunion, Menma will finally be able to rest in peace. The teenagers will therefore plunge back into their old wounds while having the same objective: that of honoring a friend so dear to their hearts. Aohana is an anime in which the summer mood takes on special importance, while the themes of friendship and forgiveness reinforce the power of the story.


Seishuu Handa is a rising calligraphy star. At least until the day when, exceeded by the criticisms of an eminent museum curator, he knocks the latter out. Faced with his behavior, his father reacts and decides to banish the young man to the island of Goto, located in the depths of the Japanese countryside. A city-dweller at heart, Seishuu hoped to take advantage of this time to practice his art in peace. It was without counting on the neighbors who arrive unexpectedly or even the gang of local kids who decide to make their workshop their playground. Among these children, Seishuu will meet Kotoishi Naru, a troublemaker well known in the area and who will decide to stick the young artist.

Although Seishuu will try to refuse all the young boy's proposals, Naru does not let himself be discouraged and maintains his enthusiasm, managing to involve the artist in his adventures. Between days by the beach, exploring the river or attending local festivals, Seishuu would then begin to develop his own style of calligraphy. Barakamon is the perfect story that inspires you to reinvent yourself if you're looking to move on.


Free! is a franchise based on men's competitive swimming. Founded by Kyoto Animation (abbreviated KyoAni) studio, Free! currently has three seasons and five animated films. But it all really started when an advertisement was unveiled to the public in March 2013. The brightly colored animation and lively music feature boys in swimsuits. The franchise was clearly aimed at a female audience and the marketing put in place at the time worked beautifully.

Free! is not only the first sports anime from KyoAni, but its popularity is still almost intact, even 10 years later. The many suites are not just a feast for the eyes. Indeed, although the theme is competitive swimming, it is indeed the relationships between teammates when they swim together that have marked the minds and hearts of fans.

This selection of’ anime prove to us that the summer season is a real source of inspiration for anime creators and mangakas. Each of them proves to us, through all the activities that summer offers us, that this season is made to create eternal memories, like other franchises, such as One Piece or Berserk, can also do it.

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