5 countries where it is easier for a woman with a child to find a husband


July 1, 2022, 17:06 | In the world

It is really easier to build a strong family with the residents of these countries.

5 countries where it is easier for a woman with a child to find a husband

Usually, men are in no hurry to marry women “with a trailer”. You should not dwell on this judgment, because it is quite possible to find a husband both at home and abroad. So, in which country is it easiest for a woman with a child to find a husband, informs Ukr.Media.


In this Scandinavian country the number of men exceeds the number of women. Swedes feel a shortage of female attention and care, so they will be happy to enter into a relationship with a girl, even if she has a child.

It should be noted that there is no gender inequality in Swedish society, so women and men have the same opportunities. A Swede will take it easy if his woman is successful in her career, and responsibilities are not divided by gender — men are happy to help their wives in household chores and raising children. They can clean the house, cook dinner or do homework with the child without scandals.


In Italy, the cult of mother and child is flourishing – children are treated with special respect here, fulfilling their whims and allowing them almost everything. Residents of this country adore babies and pamper them excessively. In the family, Italians entrust the management of the house to a woman, so she will definitely be able to feel like a full-fledged housewife.

How to get married in Italy? Girls should pay attention to mature Italian men over the age of 35 — they are conscious and determined men who have already reached some career heights and are determined to start a family. Young people of a younger age are more infantile than reliable and prefer family to self-discovery.


The French are well versed in the art of love. At the same time, they are not only sensual lovers, but also responsible family members. They treat women as equals, but at the same time they know how to help and what compliment to make, so that the ladies feel like goddesses. French men are oriented towards family life and home comfort. They love children, so they will take someone else's child.


According to 2016 data, 256,000 Finns aged 25 to 54 are single. More than half of them are not married, and 17% are divorced. This means that the chances of meeting a free and decent man in Finland are quite high.

In addition, local women hold feminist views. They are more focused on work and not on creating a family and having children. Men, advocating for equality, have less and less opportunities to feel like the real heads of the family. A woman with a child is an excellent opportunity to realize her male and parental potential. They treat children with reverence and are ready to sacrifice time for them. For example, it is considered perfectly normal for Finns to take “paternity leave”; for child care.


For a local man, a child will not be a barrier when building a relationship with a woman . Cypriots show themselves as caring parents who are ready to devote even more time to their children than to their wives. They respect family values ​​and are attached to relatives. They need to be guided and motivated, so they depend on women: mothers or wives.

It is really easier to build a strong family with the residents of these countries. However, in trying to find an ideal and reliable father for a child, you should not forget about your feelings: try to think first of all about yourself, and whether you will be able to love a foreign man, even if he becomes the best dad for your baby.


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