“$ 5 million per head”: Lech Walesa increased security after threats from the Russian Federation (photo)


»$5 million per head»: Lech Walesa increased security after threats from the Russian Federation (photo)

At the Sunday service, the ex-president of Poland was already seen with two guards, instead of one. According to Walesa himself, he cares little about Moscow's threats, since he is only afraid of God and a little of his wife.

After a high-profile interview with Lech Walesa, which he gave to the French press and in which he spoke about the fact that 60 peoples were forcibly annexed to the Russian Federation, a violent reaction from Russian propagandists followed. For the head of the former president of Poland, they offered 5 million in European or North American currency. This is reported by the tabloid Super Express.

In an interview with the French TV channel LCI, Valensa suggested that even if Ukraine wins the war, in five years everything could happen again, and in ten years a new Putin will appear in Russia. Walesa sees the solution to the problem in a change of political regime or an uprising of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

According to Walesa, 60 peoples are attached to Russia, he also added that the population of the country should not exceed 50 million people.

»$5 million per head»: Lech Valense has been reinforced after threats from RF (photo)

After Walesa's statements, Kremlin propagandists called the ex-leader of Poland a scoundrel and offered 5 million dollars or euros for his head.

Walesa's son Yaroslav took these threats seriously and said that if such things are said in the Russian Federation, then everything is possible. He called Putin a murderer and a terrorist and asked the Polish authorities to provide more protection.

Last Sunday while visiting the church, Walesa was already seen with two bodyguards, instead of one, as usual. The guards looked around carefully and remained vigilant. According to a photojournalist who saw Walesa, such security measures had not been taken before.

Apparently, Walesa himself does not particularly care about the threats from Moscow. In a recent interview with Polish media, he said he was ready to personally meet with Russian propagandists and discuss the allegations.

“I'm only afraid of God and a little of my wife,” said a former Polish electrician who organized the first in Eastern Europe, the non-state-controlled Solidarity trade union, which later turned into a party association.

The ex-president of Poland also made statements that Moscow should be hit in case of an attack on Ukraine.


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