5 phrases that cannot be uttered so as not to attract poverty and failure


July 5, 2022, 12:00 | Business

Watch what you say and remember that only self-confident and positive people can become financially successful.

< p style="text-align:center">5 phrases that cannot be uttered in order not to attract poverty and failure

Poverty and problems with work, money are the result of having negative programs in your mind Most often, these programs are formed due to the fact that we utter phrases that set us up for problems and failures, informs Ukr.Media.

Experts have already talked about how great the power of words and thoughts is. If you want to become successful, then remember that what is said always becomes reality. Talk about yourself as a successful person to attract luck and money into your life. Also, do not say the phrases described below.

"I can't»

'I can't get rich', 'I can't do it', 'I can't solve a problem' and so on. Even those people who work a lot are unlikely to become rich if they utter such phrases and think like this about themselves. In fact, anyone can do anything they want. It is only a matter of faith and skill, and the latter is not as important as the former. When you say “I can't'', you put a fat cross on yourself and your successes. Financial success in this case becomes something unattainable, because you convince yourself of this.

"It's not money"

People often say: "What are these two hundred hryvnias for? It's not money. Here, not only the magical component of the phrase is important, which is that you devalue money and your work, which you earn it. Here it is also important to remember that one hundred, fifty, two hundred hryvnias is also money. If you treat such sums too easily, then try to put them aside – put them in one place to understand that the big always consists of the small. Without one hryvnia, there is no million, so even the hryvnia is important in the calculations.

"It is not given to me"

< p>Here the meaning is approximately the same as in the case of “I can't''. “I'm not cut out to be a leader,'' many people say, without even realizing that they have all the skills to do so. “I was not given to earn a lot of money,'' so say those who put the cross on themselves. If you yourself say that it is not given to you, then nothing can fix it. Don't say you can't earn a lot. Perhaps. that you simply haven't fulfilled your potential, or haven't found the same business that inspires you.

"Happiness is not in money"


You want to earn a lot and you want to be rich, but then you say that happiness is not about money. Happiness largely depends on financial success, not on anything else. Rich people are happy because they are secure about their future. They have funds for recreation, entertainment, leisure, and treatment. "Happiness is not in money" is a phrase of people who either really do not need wealth, or are simply afraid to admit to themselves that they need money.

"I have no money& #34;

Many people don't notice how often they say a similar phrase when they don't have enough for something. If you don't have the opportunity to buy something at this moment, then say: “I can't buy it right now.'' In no case do not say “I have no money,'' because the universe takes it literally, which weakens the connection with the center of abundance, destroys the financial flows around you.

If you want to attract financial luck, use the appropriate talismans, and also follow the simple laws of the universe that will help you achieve wealth.


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