5 stages of love leading to a strong and happy relationship

5 стадий любви, ведущих к крепким и счастливым отношениям

The bitter truth is that many relationships end on the third stage…

The truth is that many relationships end at the third stage. But if you have enough strength and perseverance – you will be able to reach the fifth stage of the great feeling called Love. And then you’ll really be happy together forever.

In the words of Lao Tzu: “When someone you really love – it gives strength when I love you – gives you courage.”

When you just start Dating is the most wonderful period. The excitement, the spirit of adventure and passion – all of it magical. But the fact is there that in this moment you are just at the beginning of a long journey of Love. Relationships have to go through 5 stages. Unfortunately, at the stage No. 3 they start to come apart at the seams and often end.

Therefore, it is important to overcome the third, fourth and go to fifth stage of evolution of the relationship. Only then your Union will be stable, honest and safe. Knowledge of the pitfalls of all of these stages will help to support and save the relationship.

So, the 5 stages of love that pass all the relations:

1. Everything is new and captures the spirit of happiness.

You met the love of her life and heart just pounding. This is the period of the relationship where every touch of a loved one or beloved pierces like an electric discharge. And the kissing… Oh, you have the earth move under his feet. It seems that this excitement and passion you have never experienced in my life.

Its all about your favorite. At work, at school, in training… You almost every minute checking my phone. Each message a loved one, each sent a smiley face make your heart beat faster. You can’t wait to see you, counting down the seconds until the moment when you see the familiar eyes and smile favorite.

You open yourself and your partner. This game takes entirely: the flirting, the looks, words, hints, open… a Great time and an indescribable feeling!

You catch yourself on the fact that never before has so much didn’t laugh and not fun. There is a feeling that with the one you love you just fly. And this magical flight will last forever.

2. You “settle down”, but still happy.

At this stage you are already officially a relationship. That is, decide to live together.

You are sure that you love your partner – just the same. What could be better? Moreover, in place of passion it is the calm that calming effect.

The proximity of all as pleasant and frequent, but starts to get routine. All relations – still deeply and significantly.

At this stage couples often marry and have children. Instead of spontaneity and adventure – now routine and responsibilities. You are already members of one team, unified whole.

During this period, there is a distribution of roles and responsibilities. It turns out that things are not so “pink” as it seemed at first. But difficulties and challenges as something else “decide” you are full of optimism…

3. “Cold shower” of life.

At this stage, unfortunately, many relationships break up. You can still love each other, but all quite different.

From the relationship somewhere romantic. “No candy, no flowers….” all the time Now take only household duties and raising children. You will be surprised to wonder where did all that what you had before. How so?

How did it happen that instead of exciting encounters and passions that you have only gatherings around the TV and sharing eating desserts? I have the feeling that you missed something and have lost. And this will never return…

You begin to annoy a partner the features, who were treated once very smoothly, and maybe even be touched. You feel trapped and you start to think that this is all to do.

At this stage, you doubt that he was right, choosing a life partner of that person. It is often in such moments, couples break up.

4. A more profound understanding.

If somehow you were the third stage of love, you already perceive your partner as he really is. You’ve been through a lot together. This and moving, and diseases of children, and a career change…

You did not expect flights and adventure from a relationship. But gradually learn to speak and their needs and to listen to the needs of the partner.

This is the stage when we fully acknowledge and accept all the difficulties that the fate sends you. Well, those problems that pose themselves in relationships – what really to deceive.

You learn to work together to overcome and move forward…
5. “Together forward!”

You already know that none of us are perfect. Therefore, begin to rediscover their partners that once so loved.

Because it is often our frustration in marriage is not due to the fact that the sweetheart changed into the other. Most likely the crisis is associated with your inner feelings. You disappointed yourself, never became what I dreamed of in my youth.

Do not be silent. Tell your loved one about the cherished dreams and desires. After all, you don’t know what all of us preparing and where it will lead. Try to grow, and to do it together. The only way to return to the relationship of the former romance and passion.

Your novel is not finished yet. Write it together and write with love. Wish you happiness and joy. And, congratulations! You went through all the stages of love, and therefore would never part!

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