5 steps to start any engine in winter and not damage the car


February 13, 2021, 10:31 | Car

If handled correctly, the car will be a faithful friend for many years.

5 steps , to start any engine in winter and not damage the car

If the car is handled correctly, it can be a faithful and reliable friend. And with knowledge of the technique and principles of its work, it is not difficult. So let's name the five correct steps that a driver should take so that the car starts always and in any weather, informs Ukr.Media.

No to hurry

Never rush when starting the engine. We turn the key in the ignition lock and let the fuel pump, sensors and starter warm up. It actually takes five seconds, but the subsequent start will be safer and easier.

Diesel engine in winter will require you to warm up the motors several times and, of course, the glow plug heating is also connected there. In some cars, the heater is located in the area of ​​the filters, where the fuel can easily wax at low temperatures

Turn off the climate and electrical devices

Allow the battery to focus on starting the engine, not on heating the glass and interior. Do not rush to turn on the blower. Let the engine start and let it run for at least a minute. At this time, sip the tea you brought with you.

Warm up the gearbox

The oil in the gearbox also requires some warming up. Of course, there is no need to take any special actions. It is enough to remember that the engine should be started with the clutch pressed, if it is a mechanic. Do not rush to pull the box after starting. And also before the actual movement, hold the box in the "Drive" mode. ten seconds, holding the car on the brake.

Do not rev

It is not necessary to warm up the car on the spot for a long time. This is the prerogative of old Soviet cars or retro cars whose engines run on mineral oil. Today, a minute or a half is enough for the oil to reach working temperature. Start the movement smoothly and keep the engine revolutions at 1.5-2 thousand so that the oil has time to spread to all corners and lubricate everything well.

This is also useful for the box and the chassis, which is also at low freezing temperatures. Plus, the brake fluid will also have time to reach operating temperature.

Use the appropriate oil and change it in a timely manner

A car is a complex organism, with mass of moving parts that require proper and high-quality lubrication. Otherwise, they will quickly wear out and shorten their service life. As a result, the car starts to creak, groan and even jerk. To prolong the life of your car, it is quite simple to always be sure of its working condition:

  • change the oil in the engine, gearbox and other systems in a timely manner;
  • monitor the condition of electrical devices and carry out battery diagnostics once a year;
  • follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer on the type of oils and never indulge in self-dealing;
  • carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of the car at least once a year.


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