5 ways to reduce the temperature without medication

Fevers can home without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

5 способов снизить температуру без лекарств

The temperature began steadily to rise, you get chills, shakes and throws that in heat, in the cold? It is likely that you have a fever.

And although it often lasts no more than one or two nights, this does not mean that it does not need to fight. Quite the contrary — the first thing you need to try to bring the temperature down.

What home methods can to help you with that, read below.

1. Drink plenty of water

During the heat your body loses a lot of fluid due to active perspiration. To prevent dehydration and help the body to quickly deal with the fever, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget about these watery fruits, vegetables and berries, such as watermelon, persimmon, cucumber and the like.

2. Bath and a warm sponge

When dealing with fever is recommended to take a warm (just warm, not hot or cold) bath every 4-5 hours, while not forgetting to wipe the body with a soft sponge soaked in warm water. Also do not forget to apply to his forehead soaked in cool (but again, not cold) water bandage.

3. Compresses

One of the best ways to fight with fever and fever – the good old poultice of mashed potatoes.

4. Herbal tea

Teas, brewed in a base of herbs yarrow, chamomile, Melissa and elderberries, have potootdelenie properties and effectively helps to fight against fever. Also some of the best drinks from fever and temperature is considered a ginger and raspberry teas. They also promote active sweating and are characterized anti-inflammatory properties. Raspberry tea drink with lemon or lemon juice, ginger — honey. Should drink one to two cups of tea every few hours.

5. Rubbing alcohol

Another known method of dealing with temperature and heat is the rubbing of the extremities (particularly the feet) vodka, or alcohol.

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