500 drones flew the sky in New York to celebrate 10 years of the game Candy Crush

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500 drones flew the sky in New York to celebrate 10 years of the game Candy Crush

The “Candy Crush” show had some 500 drones.

The famous mobile game Candy Crush, whose goal is to line up at least three identical candies to make them disappear, is celebrating 10 years this year. To mark the anniversary, the company treated itself to an advertisement in the form of a drone show in the New York metropolitan area on Thursday evening.

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Mimicking fireworks, some 500 light-equipped drones performed a 10-minute choreography over the Hudson River in New Jersey.

The game Candy Crush Saga.

The Candy Crush marketing team wanted to turn the sky into the biggest screen on the planet. People were able to watch the show featuring well-known figures in the game from Battery Park, located in lower Manhattan.

The population of the New York metropolitan area was able to enjoy the spectacle, which nevertheless leaves a bitter aftertaste in the middle of the migratory season.

The Hudson River is a migration route for birds from Canada. The drone show may have had negative effects on them, Dustin Partridge, NYC Audubon director of conservation and science, told The Verge.

“To arrive like this without thinking about the effects on the environment and the birds that will be flying in the same airspace as these drones is surprising.

— Dustin Patridge

New York City aviation laws prohibit flying drones in New York City. The show took place across the river in New Jersey, which offers more flexibility. Although this state also has restrictions, especially in its state parks – such as the one where the show took place – the company still managed to obtain a special use permit.

< p class="e-p">This is not the first time that this tactic has been used to circumvent the New York regulatory framework. The NBA held a drone show in the same region in June 2022 to highlight the basketball draft.

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