500 plus is not the only benefit that families can take advantage of. What extras parents can count on

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Support for families is not only 500 plus. What other extras are parents entitled to?

 500 plus is not the only benefit that families can take advantage of. What extras can parents count on

According to the “Interia” portal, 500 plus is not the only benefit that parents can count on. The Social Insurance Institution pays out much more of them. What other benefits for families are paid by ZUS? What conditions must be met in order for them to reach us?

Not only 500 plus

ZUS pays parents not only a childcare benefit under the “Family 500 plus” program . Parents can also count on the payment of a school starter kit, co-financing for a place in a nursery, family care capital, childbirth allowance and family allowance.

As part of the Family Care Capital, parents can count on a payment of PLN 12,000 for a child between 12 and 36 months of age, provided that it is the second or subsequent child. It is up to the parents whether they choose a payment of PLN 1,000 for a year or PLN 500 for a period of two years.

An application for Caring Capital should be submitted electronically – via the emp@tia.pl portal, PUE ZUS or electronic banking.

Financing to the nursery

Parents who have decided to return to professional duties cannot count on funds from the Family Care Capital. For this, they can benefit from a surcharge to the nursery or other place where they leave the child for the time of work.

The maximum payment is PLN 400 per month. Documents must be submitted at the latest 2 months after the child is admitted to the institution. The application can be submitted electronically.

School layette

An application for a school starter kit can be submitted from July 1 to November 30. An allowance of PLN 300 is available for children from 7 to 20 years of age or up to 24 years in the case of children with disabilities. Also in this case, the electronic submission of applications applies.

Family benefit

While in the case of previous benefits, the income earned by the family was irrelevant, in the case of a family benefit, it is ; g profitable. PLN 95 is paid for a child up to 5 years of age, up to PLN 124 from 5 to 18, and to PLN 135 from 18 to 24.

In order to take advantage of the family benefit, the income per one family member may not exceed PLN 674. The higher threshold applies to persons with disabilities. In their case, it is PLN 764.

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