53-year-old Jennifer Lopez appeared naked in an ad for butt cream (video)


    Jennifer Lopez, 53, posed naked in a butt cream commercial (video)

    According to Lopez, her mother unsuccessfully tried to fight cellulite, and this prompted the singer to turn to scientists, who helped her create a miracle cream.

    American actress, singer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, who celebrated her 53rd birthday on July 24, again managed to surprise hundreds of millions of fans. If last year on this day she published pictures of a kiss with Ben Affleck, confirming their reunion, then in 2022, J. Lo, now the wife of an Oscar-winning actor, shared a series of pictures and videos from an advertising campaign for her own brand's buttock cream, posing on one of them completely naked and showing a perfect body.

    The new line of cosmetics from JLo Beauty is called JLo Body.

    “We already have some great products that aim to lift and firm the skin of the face, so a body product that addresses the same issues was a natural next step for us. Also, the buttocks were a part of the body that our consumers wanted to target. treatment, but couldn't find it on the market,” Lopez told People.

    53-year-old Jennifer Lopez posed nude in a butt cream commercial (video)

    Jennifer Lopez, 53, poses nude in butt cream commercial (video)

    53-year-old Jennifer Lopez posed nude in a butt cream commercial (video)

    According to the celebrity, the new product is something she has been thinking about “all her life” as she grew up watching her mother struggle with cellulite and getting frustrated at the lack of solutions.

    ” I remember how she wished there was some magic formula that would just make it disappear, and the truth is, we know it doesn't exist.”

    But what really exists is the JLo Beauty team of scientists and chemists who have been able to create a product that delivers noticeable results.

    “Working with the scientists, we found that it actually improves the appearance of the skin. We don't just take random cream and write my name on it. It works,” said Jennifer. She talked about the formula, which contains pink pepper to soften stretch marks, guarana seed extract to smooth, caffeine to tighten and peptides to increase firmness and collagen production, as well as powerful moisturizers such as squalene, shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

    The singer assures that this cream is really capable of making the buttocks more toned. It can also be used on the arms, waist and hips.

    Self-care leads to confidence, according to Lopez:

    “I feel most confident when I get enough sleep, practice my affirmations and I do skincare, fitness and nutrition. When I go out of rhythm, I'm out of my mind. It can be compared to preparing for a performance. The more I rehearse, the more consistent I am in rehearsals, the more confident I get on stage.”


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