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6 excellent films with Pierre Niney to see absolutely


Currently showing in Count of Monte-Cristo, Pierre Niney is spectacular. In the skin of Edmond Dantès, the actor is remarkable and his performance is unanimously praised from all sides. If you loved him in the role of the legendary character imagined by Alexandre Dumas, here are 6 other essential films from Pierre Niney's filmography.

As gifted in comedy as in more serious roles, the former resident of the Comédie-Française has more than one ace up his sleeve. It’s time to take stock of the 6 best films with Pierre Niney.

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In 2014, Pierre Niney brilliantly played Yves Saint Laurent in the biopic dedicated to the famous French designer. The feature film takes us to Paris in 1957 when the 21-year-old young man is called upon to take over the reins of the prestigious haute couture house founded by Christian Dior, who had just passed away. His first fashion show was triumphant and it was on this occasion that he crossed paths with Pierre Bergé. From this meeting a remarkable romantic and professional relationship was born. Yves Saint Laurent is preparing to revolutionize the world of fashion with a drastically modern and unique vision.

Exciting, the feature film invites us to discover Yves Saint Laurent as we have never seen him. Pierre Niney shines brightly in this film. So much so that he won the César for Best Actor in 2015. Yves Saint Laurent is available for purchase and rental on CANAL+ or Prime Video.

Before Fiasco, there was Five. Directed by Igor Gotesman, this comedy follows a group of friends who have always dreamed of living in a shared apartment. The opportunity presents itself but the rent is way too high… Fortunately, they can count on Samuel, who offers to pay half of the rent. The problem is that Samuel has just had an argument with his father, who no longer provides for his needs. For fear of disappointing, he decides not to admit his problems to his friends and starts dealing drugs to cover his share of the rent. But problems await him… No choice, Samuel will have to rely on his friends to get out of this bad situation.

Five is a particularly funny film, with its share of comical and hilarious situations. Pierre Niney is hilarious in the role of Samuel, but he is also very well accompanied. Hats off to François Civil and Igor Gotesman, who are equally funny. Five is a beautiful ode to friendship that promises a light evening. See you on Netflix.

After the crash of the Dubai-Paris flight in the Alpine massif, everyone is wondering: what happened?? Mathieu Vasseur is a technician at the BEA , the authority responsible for safety investigations in civil aviation, propelled as chief investigator into an unprecedented air disaster. Is it a pilot error ? A technical failure ? A terrorist act ? The black box of the plane will be carefully analyzed but Mathieu Vasseur will carry out his own investigation , in search of the truth. Even if it means sabotaging your entire life…

Black Boxis a thrilling thriller that keeps us on the edge of our seats from beginning to end. Until the very last moments, the viewer is totally captivated by the plot. In the role of a BEA investigator, Pierre Niney is extremely convincing. The actor carries the film almost single-handedly and it is a real feat. Black Box catch-up on Netflix.

In 20 years apart, Pierre Niney plays the young and charming Balthazar, the key to future promotion for Alice, who dreams of becoming editor-in-chief of the Rebelle magazine but is pinned to the ground by her image of a stuck-up woman. She then feigns a romance with the young man, already under her spell. Obviously, everything is not going to go as planned.

20 years apart is a refreshing romantic comedy, even if it does not revolutionize the genre. It offers a good time and establishes itself as an essential film in Pierre Niney's filmography. Available on Netflix.

It is with Save or Perish that Pierre Niney's talent, if he needed it, is confirmed in our eyes. In this drama, the actor plays Franck, a Paris firefighter who sacrifices himself for his men. He survives, luckily. But at what cost ? Severely burned, he will then have to fight to return to an almost normal life and, above all, this husband and father will have to learn to live again.

Save or Perish is undoubtedly the most moving film in Pierre Niney's filmography. To put it simply: take out the tissues. The actor succeeds in conveying a multitude of emotions through a poignant and very accurate performance. It’s available to watch on Netflix now.

Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Romain Gary, The promise of dawnreveals to us the eventful destiny of Romain Gary, born Roman Kacew. From his difficult childhood in Poland through his adolescence under the Nice sun to his exploits as an aviator in Africa during the Second World War, Romain Gary's life was extraordinary. Since his birth, his mother has only had one idea in mind for him: to make him a “great man”. And it is this considerable, sometimes suffocating, love that pushed Romain Gary to become the man we know today.

The Promise of Dawn gives us a very good overview of the tumultuous life of Romain Gary. The feature film accurately adapts the author's work. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Pierre Niney are praised for their performances. It’s available for purchase or rental on Prime Video or CANAL+ VOD.

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