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6 HBO series to watch on MAX urgently


Since this Tuesday, June 11, 2024, the Warner Bros. streaming platform. Discovery has set down its suitcases in France. Series fans have something to be happy about since MAX allows them to (re)discover all the HBO series, but also the films from the biggest franchises like Harry Potter and Matrix.

The quality of HBO series no longer needs to be proven. For years, the productions of the American pay channel have been acclaimed from all sides. Today, the “HBO” stamp is a good guarantee of quality for series aficionados. You just have to take a look at the ranking of the 5 best series of the last 25 years drawn up by Rotten Tomatoes last summer to realize this. Three of them come from the HBO stables. Here are the 6 HBO series to discover on MAX now.

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This is definitely one of the best series of recent years. If Successionended in 2023, after four excellent seasons, the series remains engraved in our hearts. The series invites us into the Roy clan. As the fatherly and formidable businessman, Logan Roy, begins to get old, everyone is wondering: which of his 4 children will succeed him to run Waystar RoyCo, one of the most powerful conglomerates in the world ?

Manipulations and low blows are on the agenda of Succession. The characters throw themselves headlong into this intense race for power, and none of them shines with sympathy or benevolence… But they are human. And this is precisely what makes the success of Succession.

The series can count on excellent actors to thrill us, like Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin as well as Sarah Snook, but also with scathing and intelligent writing, careful direction, photography and soundtrack.

During its broadcast, the series was unanimously acclaimed and won its share of awards, including the Golden Globes for best drama series in 2020, 2022 and 2024.

How to speak must-see HBO series without mentioning Game of Thrones ? And by extension, its spin-off House of the Dragon ? Yes, we grant you: the end of Game of Thronesis debated. But it is (fortunately) not representative of the series in its entirety.

If you want manipulation, twists and blood, you will be served with Game of Thrones. An essential series in the HBO catalog, and therefore MAX, the series takes us to Westeros, in the ruthless universe imagined by George R. R. Martin. While a relentless winter awaits them, strewn with sinister and supernatural forces, several families compete to access the famous Iron Throne and reign over the entire kingdom.

The success of Game of Thrones can be attributed to several elements, such as its intelligent writing, its political dimension which is fascinating or its very recognizable artistic touch. It's hard to miss the tsunami Game of Thrones. So much so that in 2022, three years after the broadcast of the final season of the series, HBO already offered us a spin-off. House of the Dragon is the worthy heir of GoT. The series takes up the recipe of its predecessor with sublime costumes, hairstyles and sets to tell us the founding story of the Targaryens, a major dynasty in the universe of George R. R. Martin.

< p>Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon are available now on MAX. With these two series, you know how to spend your next summer evenings.

Tony Soprano is a family man and a husband… Who is also and above all a mafia boss. He decides to take care of his mental health by starting therapy. He then confides his anxieties and his daily life to Dr Jennifer Melfi.

Released in 1999, The Sopranos marked television. Better ? She completely revolutionized the small screen at the time. The series is acclaimed for its originality, taking us both into Tony's family life but also into his life as a mafia boss, the two often being poles apart. In its construction as in its themes, The Sopranosunlike any other. The actors are very good, as is the writing and the original soundtrack that punctuates the series. The seven seasons of the series The Sopranos can be devoured on MAX.

https://youtu. be/PzPtTPtW-qg?si=W4Xx3UL_NiTfpIrU

With two seasons on the clock, Euphoria is a real nugget. The series worn by Zendaya offers us a journey into the depths of addiction. Rue Bennett is an anxious high school student addicted to drugs since the death of her father. We accompany Rue on the difficult path to sobriety, as she falls under the spell of Jules, and as multiple colorful characters gravitate around her. As Rue is the protagonist and narrator, she is our reference point.

Euphoriais a success thanks to the performance of Zendaya, who is simply exceptional in this role of a drug addict in search of redemption. This is why the young woman won two Emmy Awards for this role. Euphoria is also a delight for the eyes, ears and heart with an exceptional soundtrack and careful photography. To see and rewatch without moderation on MAX.

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On Listen< /em>, or The Wire, is one of the essential series in the HBO catalog. In Baltimore, the police are trying to dismantle a huge drug and crime network. Roughly speaking. If success was not there from the start, it ended up rearing its head over time.

The spectators greet his ability to accurately capture the United States of the 2000s and brilliantly address the socio-political themes of the time. Five seasons of Sur Listen are available on MAX.

Hang in there. I May Destroy Youis a series written and led by the brilliant Michaela Coel and she has chosen to tackle important themes, such as rape and consent. Indeed, the series focuses on Arabella Essiuedu, an author who has just found success, and she is determined to celebrate this with dignity. While she no longer remembers much of the (very) drunken evening the day before, she gradually puts the pieces together and realizes that she was sexually assaulted in a nightclub. Enough to completely turn your life upside down. The young woman will then question everything, such as her career, her friends and even her family, and try to rebuild herself.

Although the subjects are heavy and intense , I May Destroy You displays an offbeat tone where humor can have its place. Far from being an easy series to watch, it is nevertheless worth seeing. Between precise and mastered production and writing, I May Destroy You is one of those discreet series that are definitely worth a look.

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