6 pairs of Zodiac sign, in which there is always chemistry, but there is no understanding

6 пар по знаку Зодиака, в которых всегда есть химия, но нет взаимопонимания

Compatibility in bed on time often overshadows the lack of emotional intimacy. When people understand that they share only sexual desire, comes disappointment.

They say that opposites attract, and this is partly true. However, such passionate relationships are rarely long-lasting, if between partners there is no understanding.

Astrological compatibility helps to understand why some relationships burn out without a trace, while others stand the test of time.

It is known that the opposite signs of the Zodiac, often simultaneously attract and repel each other. Although their differences help them to come together when there are conflicts, they are unable to reach agreement, and their relationship becomes toxic.

Here are 6 signs of the Zodiac, between which there is physical but no emotional compatibility.

Aries and Libra
It is difficult to make decisions

Between Aries and Libra, there is definitely sexual attraction. Libra brings to the relationship a little spice and variety needed by the RAM and Scales admire the recklessness and boldness of Aries.

However, the spark that instantly occurs between them, can not solve all problems. Sooner or later this pair is faced with a complete disagreement. Aries starts to annoy indecision of Libra, and Libra do not understand the impulsiveness of Aries.

None of them like it when someone forces them to do what they don’t like. While both of these Zodiac sign tend not to stay long with a partner who does not suit them, if they remain with each other long enough, their relationship becomes toxic.

The same cannot be said about all pairs of Aries-Libra, but if you feel that you constantly inflame the conflict, it’s time to look at their relationship with the parties and discuss their concerns with a partner.

Taurus and Scorpio
Relationships end irritation

Taurus and Scorpio find agreement at the physical level. Both are very deep personality and that fit together. But in this strong a pair eventually begins to accumulate irritation.

In the beginning of the relationship they may feel that they understand each other on an emotional level, but gradually each begins to irritate the minor faults of the other. Slowly but surely accumulated dissatisfaction with each other, and they begin to Express their dissatisfaction to each other.

Pair of Taurus-Scorpio can overcome differences if you deal with past grievances, and will from time to time to spend time apart. If the relationship become really toxic, then maybe it’s not, but you can always try.

Gemini and Sagittarius
They move away from each other

Ironically, these toxic relationships may be due to some similarities between these Zodiac signs. Physical and emotional chemistry between Gemini and Sagittarius occurs due to the openness and curiosity both.

This openness helps them in bed and on dates, but very soon the relations cease to play for them the primary role.

Problems arise when one of them becomes too busy for the other. If finances or other obligations force them to stay together, mutual grievances have no way out, and they begin to be dissatisfied.

Fortunately none of them is inclined to hold a grudge against another and they disagree quite peaceful. If these relations are important for both, they should make efforts and put the relationship first.

Cancer and Capricorn
Mixed feelings can be confusing

Up to a point Cancer and Capricorn can live in a happy, traditional Union. Capricorn will be a reliable partner to cancer, and the Cancer will provide Capricorn with complete comfort.

Between them there is a fantastic physical intimacy where everyone knows the others ‘ needs and gives you what you want partner. But their differences after some time will become a stumbling block.

You need to remember that Cancer is sensitive and Capricorn is practical, and Capricorn can easily discard the thing that is dear to Cancer, which can be a cause for resentment.

Capricorns generally don’t do well with emotions, and over time, if partners cease to discuss the problems, they will begin to hold a grudge on each other. They can become good couple if you learn to communicate correctly.

Leo and Aquarius
Their notions of loyalty differ

Leo and Aquarius fall in love very quickly and their relationship can develop with rapid speed. At the first meeting the lion is disarmed Aquarius, and dizzying romance between them is largely based on physical attraction.

But once the relationship has entered a phase of love, their emotional bond is not so strong. Unfortunately, for Aquarius, which is usually quite distant, such a Union can be overly saturated emotionally.

Leo needs attention and when not getting it from the closest person, feeling miserable. Aquarius does not want to deal with the drama of a Lion, and he can just leave. Besides, none of the partners does not want to feel abandoned.

Try to talk with your partner if you feel alone in the relationship, and perhaps you will be able to come to an agreement.

Virgo and Pisces
Nagging can ruin a relationship

Virgo and Pisces at the initial stage, fascinated by each other. In the eyes of Virgo, Pisces — fun, interesting, and quite similar to themselves. For emotional Pisces Virgo seem very level-headed and calm. But soon their relationship starts to show cracks.

Problems arise when Virgo begins to show his critical and meticulous. Pisces like to go with the flow, no planning, just drives Virgos crazy.

And though their relationship quickly becomes toxic, both Zodiac sign are characterized by emotional awareness, through which can come to an agreement.

If they start to move away from each other, this will easily lead to discontent and rupture of relations. Order to have a stable relationship, they need to find a balance between rationality and emotion, reality and dreams and love each other for who they are.

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