$6,000 tire fraud averted in Sherbrooke

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A $6,000 tire fraud averted in Sherbrooke

The Sherbrooke Police Department arrested the fraudster.

An alleged fraudster was arrested by the Sherbrooke Police Department (SPS) on Saturday after fraudulently purchasing tires worth $6,000.

A business in the Saint -Élie who received two telephone orders, last Thursday and Friday, was the victim of trickery. Individuals in an Arizona-registered rental truck picked up the order, SPS spokesman Martin Carrier said. After they left, thorough checks revealed that the transaction was fraudulent.

SPS patrol officers identified and stopped the vehicle on Saturday. The driver, a 20-year-old man from Sherbrooke, had a suspended driver's license and was the subject of an arrest warrant. The suspect, known to police circles, was questioned, then released with a promise to appear, details Martin Carrier.

The tires obtained fraudulently in Saint-Élie have been found in the intercepted vehicle.

“At this time, the individual does not appear to be connected to any crimes of the same nature. An investigation is open to find out what environment or market these tires were intended for. »

— Martin Carrier, spokesperson for the Sherbrooke Police Department

The SPS recommends that merchants be cautious, in particular by checking with financial institutions before to return the goods, especially during sales of significant value.

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