64 Mexicans rescued from human trafficking ring north of Toronto

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64 Mexicans rescued from human trafficking ring north of Toronto

In a photo posted on its Twitter account, the Mexican consulate in Toronto shows the difficult living conditions of migrant workers.

York Regional Police north of Toronto say they rescued 64 Mexican nationals exploited by an international labor trafficking ring. Seven people are charged with multiple offenses related to a criminal human trafficking organization.

York Regional Police released the results of their investigation called “Project Norte” (Project North) on Friday.

In November 2022, the police force received information that nationals Mexicans were being exploited for labor in York Region.

Five people, three men and two women, have been arrested, and two male suspects are arrested. ;subject of arrest warrants.

York Regional Police's Human Trafficking Investigation Unit worked with the Canada Border Services Agency, Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Police Service and Peel Regional Police in This folder.

“The victims lived in misery and were forced to work long hours for meager wages, while their exploiters reaped the benefits of their labor and lived in luxury.

— Excerpt from York Regional Police news release

According to authorities, an organized crime group lured the victims to Canada by promising them a good job and a better life.

The migrant workers were victims of many abuses such as manipulation, overcrowding, insect infestation, lack of food and ;lack of privacy, police say.

They worked in warehouses, factories and farms, said York Regional Police Detective Sergeant Gary McBride.

These Mexican workers were driven to their places of work. exploitation by members of the criminal group, according to the police officer.

“Help us break the chains of exploitation and trafficking human.

— York Regional Police Detective Sergeant Gary McBride

Twittering, the Mexican Consulate in Toronto says it has met with 34 of the 64 nationals affected in the past two weeks.

In a photo posted to its Twitter account, the consulate shows the difficult living conditions of these migrant workers with mattresses on the floor and very little furniture.

According to the latest information, 34 of the 64 nationals have been released on February 8 by York [Regional] Police, the post reads.

Consulate says it continues to serve alleged victims of human trafficking persons for the purpose of labor exploitation in Ontario.

The exact locations of the exploitation and the names of the companies will not be published by the authorities.< /p>

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