7 mysterious professions that have long since ceased to exist — they ooze romance


November 29, 2020, 00:03 | Business

Technological progress has made these professions unnecessary.

7 mysterious professions that have already hasn't existed for a long time — they exude romance

These professions are not in demand nowadays. And once they not only served society, but also added a little romance, informs Ukr.Media.

Progress changes the world around us constantly, throughout history. It greatly simplifies everyday life, but at the same time it sometimes deprives it of mystery and romance. Professions that were once in demand, but today have ceased to exist, are certainly no longer needed, but there are many very romantic ones among them.

Lighter of lanterns< /p>

Before the light of electric devices filled the streets of populated areas, they were lit by gas or candle lanterns. At dusk, they were lit by lanterns, which became almost a symbol of urban romance.

They walked along the streets with long ladders to light the lantern with an oil lamp or matches, and extinguish it in the morning. Today, you can see a real lamplighter, for example, in Wroclaw in Poland or in Prague in the Czech Republic, but this is only a way of attracting tourists, a marketing ploy, and not a necessary profession.

Alarm Clock

During the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, the owners of plants and factories faced an unexpected problem: workers, many of whom did not have clocks , were late before the start of the shift. There was a need for a person who would go from house to house and wake up their residents, knocking on the window with a long stick or a soft hammer. This profession disappeared only in the 1940s, with the appearance of mechanical alarm clocks.


The term "grassland" exists even now, it is the name of folk healers who collect herbs for medicinal purposes.

But its original meaning is different: it was the name given to women who covered the royal path and the monarch's rooms with flowers. They had to maintain not only cleanliness in the premises, but also the freshness of the air, and for this they used a wide variety of plants.


In the second half of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries, manual labor in factories was rather monotonous. It was not easy to maintain a routine without slowing down throughout the working day. A reader was supposed to help in this – a person with oratorical skills who read aloud newspapers or fiction while the workers were busy with their work.

Nowadays, the reader is often replaced by a radio with news or music programs.

< p>Augur

In ancient Rome, an augur was a priest who performed the functions of a soothsayer who made predictions based on the behavior of birds. The status of the augurs was official, and they had to decide important issues – those related to the election of officials or the beginning of military campaigns. The position of augur was considered lifelong.

Telephone operator

The work of the operator was difficult, but at the same time quite romantic: she had to connect loving hearts with the help of a long-distance telephone connection, and sometimes act as a kind of psychological support. The main task was to connect subscribers by telephone line on city switchboards. The profession ceased to exist with the advent of automatic telephone exchanges.


Bisnagero is a profession typical of medieval Spanish cities. This was the name of the sellers of bisnaga — bouquets of jasmine that resemble a ball. Flowers were fixed on a dried branch of thistles and were not sold for decoration at all: it was believed that such bouquets repel mosquitoes on summer nights. A monument was erected to the bisnaga seller in Malaga, Spain, he is considered one of the symbols of the city.

In 2020, the Institute of Progressive Education named professions that may soon cease to exist due to the development of high technologies. Among them, for example, travel agents, employees of printed publications, dispatchers, accountants of lower positions. Time will tell whether the forecast will come true, but it is obvious that very soon we will only remember some of these professions with sadness and nostalgia.


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