7 secrets that will help make the bedroom visually larger


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It turns out that there are some clever tricks that will increase your space.

7 secrets that will help make the bedroom visually more

Your bedroom should be calm and cozy, because it is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before you fall asleep. But if it is unpleasant for you to be in it because it is small? Do the walls seem to want to crush you? Fortunately, there are many solutions that allow you to change this, informs Ukr.Media.

Now you will learn what tricks will make any bedroom seem much larger than it really is.

< p>Paint the walls a light color

It is common knowledge that painting a room a lighter color will help make it look bigger. The walls of the bedroom do not necessarily have to be completely white. But any color from pale gray to pastel blue will help visually increase the space.

Use striped paint or wallpaper

Just like striped clothing creates the illusion of a taller or wider body, striped walls can have the same effect in a room. By painting or wallpapering vertical or horizontal lines, you can lengthen the bedroom in any direction.

Paint one wall a different color or wallpaper it< /p>

While most of the bedroom should be painted a light shade, adding an accent wall can be distracting. Using a fun print on your wallpaper or a unique paint shade on one side of the room is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your room.

Ditch the curtains altogether

Complete absence of curtains can allow natural light to flood the bedroom, making it appear larger than it actually is.

Hang a mirror or two< /p>

Speaking of light, hanging a mirror or two will let it reflect in the room. Result? The space will be brighter and brighter.

Choose multifunctional furniture

In general, removing excess furniture in a small bedroom is a good idea. Look for multi-tasking items like a makeup vanity that doubles as a desk.

Install a sconce

If you you really have a very small room, one way to save space is to abandon traditional bedside floor lamps. Instead, install matching sconces or smaller pendant lights. You may find that this completely eliminates the need for nightstands.


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